Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Merello with a cherry

Inspired work by Lisa Wright
(the artist asked me to remove his name as it was coming up in web searches and confusing his clients!)

I was in Paris last week soaking up the sun, wine and the inspiration. I adventured around the art galleries with joy in my heart as I peered close up at the brush strokes of my art heroes. What I love most about staring art in the flesh is being able to see each piece exactly as the artist intended. It hasn't been shrunk or smoothed and bound into a book and what is often surprising is how 'rough' the work looks. You always imagine that each stroke has purpose, unlike my own which is often rather slapdash. Then, you peer at a Monet  or Matisse and lo and behold, he paints a bit like me! Wow! It's a reminder that they were actually human too - not some mythical being. The genius of course is how it is all put together - that's something I'm still learning!

Matisse detail

This month has been JMW month for me in my Magical Journal Journey as I worked on Maggie's chosen artist. His art is full of bold colour, pattern and an almost wild energy. You can spot the influences of Matisse and Picasso dancing across his canvas. It's hard to find out much about him, though this site has some of his writing which speaks of his passions. I borrowed a quote to illustrate on my page below.

For Maggie's book I let myself loose with a crazy palette and just let the paintings come. It's always a bit nerve-wracking working on a piece in someone else's journal but once I relaxed into it, I felt I was getting closer to the artist's techniques while still being me. I stopped striving for perfection and just made art. It felt good.

Inspired by the artist by Lisa Wright

Inspired by the artist by Lisa Wright


  1. Glad Paris was joyful and inspiring for you. I have always imagined it would be. Love your Merello inspired work, I see your style mixed in with his.Wonderful. Right now I have your Matisse journal. I'm taking the Jeanne Oliver Masters class. Hope that will help me make some beautiful Matisse inspired art for you. xx

  2. Oh, these pages are wonderful, Lisa!!! You captured Merello beautifully. His style is much harder to imitate than I originally thought. I think you have to let go of notions that you have about what art should look like and just let images and color run wild through your head! This is exactly what you have done! Thank you thank you...I am so looking forward to seeing my journal again! I love the quote too ~ I haven't seen that before.

    Your trip to Paris sounds like a wonderful time. I wish I were closer to be able to make the trip. Still, something to dream about!

  3. These pages are amazing- I love that you just let the art flow; so perfect (and SO hard to do sometimes- at least for me ;)) That face is incredible, I love how you managed to convey emotion with just a few lines, and your use of colors- again, amazing! Can't wait to see this in real life!

  4. Oh wow Lisa, these are wonderful! I love the vibrant colours & the way you collage & blend all the image components....I'm so impressed. Merello isn't easy I found. But you've managed to capture his essence & then added your own style & skill so that the result is even better. Hats off to you - fabulous job. Drinking in the spirit of Paris & immersing yourself in the art has obviously left you on top form. Hugs, Kat xx

  5. Lisa, I haven't really studied Merello yet, but after seeing what you have done here, I am sure I am going to love working in this style. I better get busy checking him out!
    Love your pages as always, you never disappoint, except when you didn't take me to PARIS!

  6. All I wanna say is that
    {that last page should be hanging somewhere}
    ♥ ♥ ♥


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