Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Want to catch your dreams?


I recently left the corporate world with one of the reasons being I was tired of the end goal so often being about profit - always driving for more, more, more. In my role as communicator and engagement consultant I’d often want to do things because I intuitively knew it was the right thing for the employees, but was continually up against the notion that unless you could measure it then it wasn’t worth doing. You had to prove you were impacting the bottom line. I just wanted to make people happy! Yeah, what a hippy right!

So, taking my love of communicating and engaging with others and mixing it up with my passion for the arts and hippy values, I decided to become a Creativity Coach so that I can inject more meaning into both the life of my clients and my own.

I don’t know about you, but making art is more than just the act of putting paint to canvas and creating something pleasing to the eye. In our modern world many of us exist in our left brain – where we rationalise, analyse and use language to make sense of the world.

While over on the more intuitive right side, the subconscious likes to look at pattern, shape, thoughts and put the seemingly disparate together to make links and new meaning. Here feelings and behaviour come to play in our decision making. There is no capacity for language.

Being creative gives you the opportunity to exercise those dormant right brain ‘muscles’. The results are not just pieces of art to grace your walls but a new awareness, better decision making, increased power of thought, learning how to ‘fail fast’ and innovate.

Wouldn’t you like to explore your right brain a little? It might just help you take the steps you’ve been putting off to make major change in your life.
I am guiding a small group through a powerful, creative experience called Vision Quest and it is starting this week. I participated in my own Vision Quest and it changed my life.

It opened me up to all the ways I can create the change I want.
It showed me how I can create the FEELINGS I want to feel in each moment.
I now have my paintings, sacred symbols, guides, talismans, hanging around my home and I LOVE them!

This class is for beginners and the more experienced as there are so many ‘layers’ to it (pun intended!). It’s not just about painting. It’s going on a quest to find the part of you that has been bubble-wrapped and put in storage.
I have more confidence, more hope and more energy to pursue the highest calling for my life. And part of that calling is sharing this experience with you.
I want to invite you to read more HERE.

And if you have any questions, please drop me an email so I can answer them for you!

Maybe you have heard me mention Vision Quest before on this blog or in Facebook. I want you to know this Vision Quest is super special because Whitney Freya, my mentor and creatress of Vision Quest, has lowered the price considerably because the more of us that QUEST, the better our whole WORLD will be!

So check out more HERE and enter Vision2017 at checkout for $200 MORE off the price! Yay!

What do you think? Just let me know. Go HERE to read more. Vision2017 is the magic word to get US$200 off.

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