Saturday, 6 June 2009

Journal wrecking - a fortunate discovery

Another serendipidus moment! I've been thinking today about how I really need to prioritise my creative projects a little. Things are getting somewhat out of hand. I've got my novel's characters threatening to go on strike (I caught them making little placards the other day and packing sandwiches); a shop's worth of soap and bath bombes scenting the house out; numerous collections of ephemera getting me ready for my mixed media collaging and a fresh watercolour sketchbook screaming at me from the drawer I hid it in while tidying up in readiness for a parental visitation.

Today was the day when some sort of list making (and formal organisation of limited free time) would be in order. In fact, son and I tackled the day's main activities and chores rather successfully in this manner with reading practice included in ticking things off the list (talk about clever multi-tasking).
So, while the little fella watches Lightning McQueen learn a few moral lessons for the 50th time, I thought I'd just pop on t'internet as a valid excuse for not making my creative priorities lists. In fact, what better way to distract yourself than by delving for yet more inspiration from one of my favourite blogs. My muse is herself off to be inspired by joining a book blogging group. The concept behind it being that a community of bloggers work their way through a book together, sharing their experiences by posting on their own blog and by reading what other participants are sharing. And the book in question?
This little beauty. A hands-on, get stuck in and make yourself dirty, have a go, creative journal. The theory behind the destruction is that the reader/creator is guided through the creative process via a set of instructions that encourage brave experimentation, letting go and allowing the inner muse free rein. Materials required are everything from 'grass' to 'happenstance' and 'grease' to 'gumption'.

So, how will this reckless abandon possibly help me in organising my artistic 'to do' list? Well, it's about getting stuck in, receiving a spot of direction and igniting that creative fire. Burn baby burn and watch this space!


  1. Here's to igniting that creative fire. Welcome to the adventure!

  2. I've joined too, just scouting out other blogs and seeing what everyone else is doing. Where to start?! Where to start?! Six weeks to wreck this journal? Hmmm, better get started.

  3. i am late i am late for a very important date, LOL
    hey! I am so glad you are joining us and the fun, yay!
    will you be posting videos or pictures? I can't wait to see your creativity all over

  4. i look forward to seeing how you wreck :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog...eye see your eye!
    Look forward to more Wreck your Journal notes!


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