Sunday, 1 September 2013

Deep Purple

There was a reassuring thump on the doormat and I smiled secretly to myself as I felt certain I knew what parcel would be waiting for me downstairs. The brown paper belied the contents which would burst forth in an explosion of rich and regal colour once I removed the wrapping.

As usual nothing did disappoint for was not this special delivery was another instalment in the Magical Journal Journey?

Stephanie's purple, gold, black and touches of blue green book bursts with beauty. The colour choice gives the impression of a Regal tome bursting with stories of brave Princesses and secret histories with a hint of magic thrown in for good measure.

Speaking of measure - every month the work just seems to get better and better as all of us in this group evolve our art. I like to think that it has something to do with this project. We are all feeding a little inspiration to each other as we imbue our creativity into every page.

Touching the art of my friends, seeing every brushstroke up close and personal provides a little peek into their artistic souls. Our circle grows in strength with every blob of colour, word and carefully chosen piece fixed into place with love.

These pages for Steph evolved themselves from wild backgrounds. They were joined by items from my stash - the one that threatens to take over the house! The peacock feather was a recent acquisition and is just the kind of thing I will hang onto for years without quite knowing what to do with it. So when this background formed I knew that the time to let go had come early! Mind you, sticking a peacock feather turned out to be quite the task!
Two more rounds will complete our journey for this year. I can't wait to see what arrives for me to play with next week!


  1. Hi Lisa♥ I too find it amazing that you tuned into Stephanie so well...but I am not surprised, this IS a Magical Journey after-all, perfectly named by you. I love your pages...the flowers are something I immediately think of when I think of Stephanie. The feather is brilliant! And my favorite part is the face...tattooed DREAM BIG.
    As a side note
    I want to say
    as usual, your writing is exciting,
    your blog is so fun to read.

  2. Lovely! Purple with passion. I too love the peacock page. It is so rich in deep jewel tones and the peacock feather looks right at home there. I'm like you in that I have lots of treasures, bits and pieces that I know someday will fit perfectly in a piece of art.

    The floral pages are so Steph and the tag is amazing! I am looking forward to seeing the next journal and sad to know this wonderful journey is coming to an end.

    <3 hugs!

  3. Beautiful, complex pages. The flowers, the face, and the colors...soft but still they have a boldness about them. I love the layered backgrounds and the peacock feather ~ WOW! That brilliant purple(!) and the metallic yellow-green (at least it looks metallic here) are the perfect complements to the feather. Stephanie will love!

    I agree about the work getting better and better each month...inspiration and magic and a connection from artist to artist!

  4. This is such a lovely heartfelt post that resonated with me in a positive emotional way! Beautifully written.

    I agree - Stephanie's journal is divine; it was hard to let go of it!

    Where to start with your pages.... The peacock feather page is stunning & its rich character is perfect in this journal. The first couple of pages pulled me in with their beautiful blend of detailed layers, textures, words & images. Then the serene lady created with such gorgeous blends of imaginative colour. You've really excelled yourself my friend - Stephanie is sure to treasure these pages.

    Kat Xx

  5. Stunning beautiful pages, so Steph perfect!!
    Your tag is beautiful and "the face, the face", LOVE IT..the perfect touch with the tatoo of "Dream Big" GORGEOUS!!!! You writers in this group are just Superfandivineious! (See, that's why I don't write, I like to make words up} :)

    It means your pen drips with talent all over your pages and I am so jealous!!!!
    Beautiful work and use of colors, mind and words!


  6. Stunning pages!

    There's something special about travelling journals where people have a connection. It seems to make the pages easier to create, almost as if the journal is leading you.

  7. These are lovely pages indeed. I love all the wonderful color and images.

  8. I finally gave in to temptation and had to come have a look- WOW! I am so EXCITED that this is for me!!! I love peacocks (I think it's so funny that we both featured them in our art this round ;)) and all the flowers and of course, the wonderful woman! I can't wait to see it in real like- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!


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