Tuesday 15 June 2021

A 61 day creative practice - ICAD Day 1


I knew I had been saving those Index cards for a good reason - if only I could remember where I'd 'safely' stored them! 

Sometimes we need a prompt to kick start our creativity or remind us that it's a simple practice that needn't take much effort, expensive supplies or be something worthy of an art gallery!

The nudge that came from the Universe (or rather my friend Marie Goodwyn) was ICAD! An Index Card a Day throughout June and July - nothing fancy and entirely up to the individual what they create. 

Now here was an opportunity to get stuck in and sticky, to pull out all those scraps of paper, threads, feathers, buttons and bows and put them .... well, somewhere else! Yes, no need to throw anything away that has been gathering dust for years - just repurpose into art!

So, for the past couple of weeks I have been doing just that. I thought it might be fun to push myself with random prompts garnered from opening the first book that came to hand that day and finding a word or phrase to give me pause for thought and open my creative mind.

Day 1 - Timeless Texture. 

I confess not much thought went into this. I even found a somewhat obvious image of a clock. I think I was just too excited to start. First to be grabbed was some sandpaper which led eventually to glitter. Now that is timeless. Who doesn't love a bright shiny thing? Is ICAD a bright shiny? Will it continue to fascinate for the next 61 days? Now that is the question!

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