Friday, 27 September 2013


Another month drifts by like the falling leaves and I have not returned to my blog. I seem to be all written out from the day job - there is after all, only so much time a girl can spend with her fingers attached to a keyboard.

Evenings are better spent getting sticky and paint spattered or, with my head in a book or, as has been the case for much of the past couple of months, lying on the sofa watching TV. Still, given that I've barely watched a couple of hours a week for years, a little couch potato behaviour every now and again is really no bad thing.

One regular event that I would never miss is the Magical Journal Journey. As our books make their final stops on their globe-trotting endeavour each becomes heavier and loaded with colour, texture and so much talent! I am blown away by the artworks bulging out of every cover and always have to spend at least a couple of days building up the courage to attempt my own humble addition.

These pages are from Kim's Red, Pink & Orange tango of delight!

I have been somewhat obsessed with the lotus of late - if it's not poppies or Goddesses then it's a lotus - my imagination likes to be fixated at present and who am I to argue. I'm hoping for a change in the wind soon though...

At least this page appears to be flower free. The glossies pouted at me and demanded to be included!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Deep Purple

There was a reassuring thump on the doormat and I smiled secretly to myself as I felt certain I knew what parcel would be waiting for me downstairs. The brown paper belied the contents which would burst forth in an explosion of rich and regal colour once I removed the wrapping.

As usual nothing did disappoint for was not this special delivery was another instalment in the Magical Journal Journey?

Stephanie's purple, gold, black and touches of blue green book bursts with beauty. The colour choice gives the impression of a Regal tome bursting with stories of brave Princesses and secret histories with a hint of magic thrown in for good measure.

Speaking of measure - every month the work just seems to get better and better as all of us in this group evolve our art. I like to think that it has something to do with this project. We are all feeding a little inspiration to each other as we imbue our creativity into every page.

Touching the art of my friends, seeing every brushstroke up close and personal provides a little peek into their artistic souls. Our circle grows in strength with every blob of colour, word and carefully chosen piece fixed into place with love.

These pages for Steph evolved themselves from wild backgrounds. They were joined by items from my stash - the one that threatens to take over the house! The peacock feather was a recent acquisition and is just the kind of thing I will hang onto for years without quite knowing what to do with it. So when this background formed I knew that the time to let go had come early! Mind you, sticking a peacock feather turned out to be quite the task!
Two more rounds will complete our journey for this year. I can't wait to see what arrives for me to play with next week!
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