Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Want to take photos like this?

I took this photo on my phone.

Do you take photos on your phone and wonder why they don’t always look as good as you’d hoped? Have you seen some incredible photography and wondered if you could do that? YOU CAN!

I’m running a photography workshop on Saturday August 22nd in Northampton Town Centre where you can learn what goes into making a great photograph and how phone apps can make all the difference transforming the OK into the incredible!

I have captured some of my best photographs on my camera phone. It’s always with me. While others are playing Candy Crush or checking Facebook, I’m snapping. There’s not always time to set up the perfect shot, placing everything you need in the perfect frame position, but hey there’s no need to worry … there’s an app for that!

There are so many apps available – many of them free of charge – that are able to produce the same effects as using as fancy DSLR camera. You can capture a shallow depth of field*, adjust the lighting, add filters and even change the sky in the background!

Once you get used to realising you have the perfect tool to capture magical moments with you all the time you’ll wonder why you never used it this way before. It’s not just about snapping your child with ice cream dribbling down their chin – it’s also very much about seeing differently, capturing emotion and memory. It’s so you can remember not just the scene but how it made you feel.
Your camera phone is incredibly easy to use, unobtrusive and best of all the sky is the limit when it comes to the effects you can achieve using the hundreds of apps available.

This workshop will empower you with the techniques and tricks you need to take stunning, memorable photographs using just your phone. It’s easy when you know how – and I can teach you!

* and yes – I’ll explain what this means too!

We'll meet at 11am in the Education Room at NN (the contemporary art building on Guildhall Road).

Our first session will cover what makes a great photograph - how to better frame your shot before you click; how to see things differently; learning what the rules are and how to break them!

Then, we'll go out on a shoot around town.

Over lunch in the NN Cafe we'll review our work then return to the work space to learn how using different apps can transform your shot.

I'll show you how to take shots like this:

and turn them into this:

All this for just £20 per person (excluding lunch).

If you would like to sign up, drop me a line at

With just 12 spaces available this is sure to fill to up fast so confirm your booking now!

(You don't need an iPhone - the apps I will use are suitable for android too).

Some more before n afters:

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