Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Back on Masterchef again

It's the final this week and gripping stuff, I almost can't bear to watch. However, the material for this post comes not from the food and cooking, nor the presentation and anticipation. Instead, it is simply from something that one of the finalists said "If you have a dream then you owe it to yourself to go for it." A little reminder that this writing IS my dream. It is something I have always wanted and this is my big opportunity to give it my all. Next week I will be officially redundant from Carlsberg. I have no job to go to, so writing and working for myself will be my role and I must get on with it, allowing no distraction. How easy it would be to fall into a pit of self pity, or to ensconce myself on the sofa digesting a diet of moving house programmes (at least I know I would never stoop so low as Jeremy Kyle!). Thankfully Masterchef finishes tomorrow so I'll be regaining a chunk of my evening!

Off now to indulge in Molton Brown bath soak then slip between clean sheets. Ah bliss...

Friday, 20 February 2009

How do you become a food journalist?

I've been exploring what to write about, preparing both my big fantasy novel, my short story and children's book - these are definites, my real challenge and a promise I've made to myself. I've comtemplated corporate issues but suddenly I've been hit by a new inspiration. Food journalism. Me, writing and food - what a delightful menage a trois! Where has this 'flavour' derived from? Watching Masterchef naturally. "Cooking's never been tougher than this!"
I've always loved cooking and never been afraid to either experiment or to tackle technically complex dishes, but this TV series is really teaching me something about the secrets to flavour combining, seasoning, presentation and above all passion. The semi-finalists are bubbling over with the latter. For me, passion is tied into the desire to create - whisking up that memorable dish that lives on in the palate for hours afterwards, but it's also that satisfaction of giving the people you cook for a real treat, making a meal into an occasion, hearing my four year old son describe my kedgeree as "deee-lic-ious" and watch my boyfriend patting his tummy contentedly and begging for more! Funnily enough I watch very little television normally, but this week have overdosed slightly on cookery programmes and my next lesson was concerned with delivery of food. I'm not talking making it look pretty on the plate, but on making the atmosphere of eating the food as enjoyable as the delicacies served. Watching Christopher Biggins on Celebrity come dine with me on Sunday night was a real treat! Now here was a man who knew how to throw a dinner party, we were even given an acting demonstration when he passed off Tesco's trout pate as his own, but frankly it didn't matter. It was about his attention to detail in being the perfect host and making his guests feel, not at home, but out having the time of their lives.

Is this my first piece of food journalism? Is it any good?

Thursday, 19 February 2009


That was easy, just created a blog in about 30 seconds... how I love the internet...

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