Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A very round robin

I seem to be a little short of words this month and have neglected my poor little blog most terribly. I am sorry.
I have been painting though and would like to give a sneak peek of some artwork I've been creating for a Round Robin Art Journal that has been globe-trotting.
I was inspired by Indian beauties after watching the wedding video of a friend.

Monday, 24 September 2012


Normal service will resume shortly readers. I just had to take a break. In the meantime, I present this intermission for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Once upon a postcard swap

by Elizabeth Burton

There was a girl with golden hair who lived in the land of Hoobiddy Doobitty where the people spent so much time smelling the flowers that that had begun to look just like them.

by Tracey Fletcher King

It was just as well really because all was not as peaceful as first appeared. For this land had recently been invaded by the Lemon People who terrified the poor Hoobiddies with their sharp wit and hard-wired electrical appliances that stormed across the rocky landscape led by legions of pointed pencils.

by Angela Vular

The Hoobs as we shall call them for ease (though I should stress that they are not the same ones that neighboured the Grinch... some distant relatives perhaps), banded huddled together under the roses and the golden-haired girl taught them to make dresses from the fallen rose petals.

by Elise Ann Wormuth

This wasn't terribly practical, given that a large mixer was just spinning into view with blades whirring in a most threatening manner.

The Hoobs began to panic and fled the scene tripping over the unfinished hemming of their floral dresses.

The found themselves backed up against a wall. But hold on, what was that on the floor? It was their salvation. For years Hoobs had wondered what the mysterious planking was doing set into the concrete of their thoroughfares, but now all was revealed.

[note - I do know the postcard is not the right way up - it's called artistic licence!]

by Kat Sloma

Their combined weight, together with the sticky atmosphere of fear awakened the magic and the wood began to rise revealing...

by Tracey Fletcher King

A large quantity of heavy-bodied acrylics. No rose petal armour for these guys. They marched smartly out of their barracks and began to take on the Lemon people, the pointy pencils and the kitchen utensils.

by Elaine Millar

It was carnage as the blood of crimsons mixed with lemons and blues. Eventually the life was squeezed out of every tube but the invading army had retreated.

Now every year the Hoobs celebrate their great victory by painting the town red... green and orange... and sending arty postcards to their friends.

Think the above was a load of old nonsense? Well, you try writing a work of fiction featuring all six (+1) of the postcards you received in Kat Sloma's Liberate your Art postcard swap!

Thanks to the generous-hearted artists and the wonderful Kat for sharing their work across the globe this summer. If you click on each picture you will be transported to the artists' websites. Special thanks to Tracey Fletcher King who sent me an extra one!

You can visit them all via the blog swap

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Guest blog post by Small Boy age 8

This is a new game coming out - hopefully before Christmas. If you are a Mum go and get it for the children, they'll love it. We'll post here when it is out.

It's a Lego game for the WiiU - a new console. Chase McCain is the main character. Oh we forgot to tell you the name of the actual game. It's Lego City Undercover. Chase McCain is a city cop. He is AWESOME!

If you want this picture, I'll give you some information. It is a poster, so feel free to print it. I have a copy on the wall in my bedroom. Chase is my favourite Lego man and he will be forever!

A little word from Chase McCain

"Hello, my name is Chase McCain. I am a cop. I arrest bank robbers doing my martial arts to catch them. I keep the city safe and I do it as my duty with Ellie and Natalie who are other cops.

Remember! Tell your kids about this game. It is AWESOME!

(Small boy begged to be allowed to post on Mummy's blog!)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A postcard from Tyria

Screenshot of Hipachica standing on a snowy rooftop somewhere in Tyria

Dear Blog

I am so sorry I have been ignoring you of late. You see, I purchased a new game and became a Ranger called Hipachica who has been roaming the wilds and wastes of Tyria fighting the bad guys and helping the good.

I've become truly adept at throwing an axe and charmed an entire menagerie of pets.

Every evening when I think it's time to blog, I decide to just explore around the side of the next mountain and suddenly it's bedtime.

However, having explored most of the map and accrued nearly 30 levels of experience, plus a whole heap of junk to craft into something 'useful', I feel that I may actually allow myself an evening off to write to you.

Missing you. Let's catch up real soon.


PS: Do you like my outfit? Pretty cool eh?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

If she were/was a boy...

... I would have called her Cliff!

Sorry, couldn't resist a little humour. I've never been one to take things too seriously, not even dreamy maidens hanging around dramatic seascapes. I'm just trying to lighten the sombre mood she gives off. Is she a ghost girl do you think, watching and waiting for her lover to return from his watery grave?

A little try-out sketch for a potential painting (and sharing for Sunday Sketches). I want this lady to meld into the sunset over the rocky coastline, her hair swirling with the waves as they float up to the shore. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites.

Speaking of Rosetti and chums, there is an upcoming exhibition of their work at Tate Britain... I am thinking a little trip to our capital city... Anyone want to join me?

I spent much time deliberating over the correct use of was & were in the title. What a conundrum. She's ghostly, so that implies past tense (was), but she's also somewhat improbable where you might wish to to use 'were'. In the end I couldn't decide and used both. You decide! (I would hate to be picked up for being grammatically incorrect!)
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