Thursday, 3 May 2012

A postcard from New Zealand

My how X and Y do travel the world. Apparently X was supposed to be in Norway last week, but she got called to New Zealand last minute... If only we could find out what exactly it is she does...

I thought we were nearly there this week, but it seems as if some slight inky mishap blighted the back of the card and both our and Y's chances of learning more about her mysterious travels...

As the text is a bit under the weather (aren't we all this week), I'll rewrite for you...

The 'Lesser Spotted' Kiwi
South Island, New Zealand

Do you remember the black & white parrot you sent me from Brazil?
When I saw the rainbow kiwi I knew you'd love it!"

Stop being so coy about who you are and what you do... It's time
to tell you that I work in...

Alas... we may never know....

What on earth will Y think when he gets this card?

Posting for the Postcard Challenge. Full back story can be found here (it's getting kind of long now...)


  1. Love your kiwi, gorgeous colours. I have a kiwi featuring in my story this week, too, but it will not be revealed till tomorrow! Valerie

  2. Such a great Kiwi! I'd love to pet one, it looks so sweet and soft! ♥
    And you making the ink blob? Not fair, so not fair... ;)

  3. LOL love the rainbow kiwi...Such a teaser too....

  4. FABULOUS Kiwi...loving the whole package!!

  5. love you little birdie & a B&W parrot??? cool

  6. Awwww, you made your Kiwi so cute and colorful. So much better than a plain brown one. Great job - and speaking of jobs - no fair keeping us hanging!

  7. Gorgeous kiwi - looks as though it is made of fluff! Lovely postcard.

    Janet xx

  8. ooooo what a tease lol love the birdie, could do with a bit of colour today, it is dismal,grey and wet here.

  9. Love your kolorful kiwi as well as the water color-y backside of your postcard!

  10. Like your colourful kiwi, a great idea with the ink...

  11. Wonderful multi coloured kiwi. Shame about the ink spill!
    Jen x

  12. Awesome rainbow Kiwi...wish they really existed :D, and such a tease!!!! :D XXX

  13. Love the rainbow kiwi! Well, where does X work at?

  14. Oh your rainbow kiwi is SO CUTE, I want to squeeeeeeze it!!!


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