Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Back on Masterchef again

It's the final this week and gripping stuff, I almost can't bear to watch. However, the material for this post comes not from the food and cooking, nor the presentation and anticipation. Instead, it is simply from something that one of the finalists said "If you have a dream then you owe it to yourself to go for it." A little reminder that this writing IS my dream. It is something I have always wanted and this is my big opportunity to give it my all. Next week I will be officially redundant from Carlsberg. I have no job to go to, so writing and working for myself will be my role and I must get on with it, allowing no distraction. How easy it would be to fall into a pit of self pity, or to ensconce myself on the sofa digesting a diet of moving house programmes (at least I know I would never stoop so low as Jeremy Kyle!). Thankfully Masterchef finishes tomorrow so I'll be regaining a chunk of my evening!

Off now to indulge in Molton Brown bath soak then slip between clean sheets. Ah bliss...

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