Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Inspired by ... Jennifer Judd McGee

The Magical Journal Journey continues again in 2014 as myself and eight other artists continue to send our books around the globe to share our art.

This year our theme is Inspired by... Each of us chose an artist we love and that we felt would provide suitable creative lessons to our friends. We are studying their work closely then producing our own from the inspiration gleaned

I took Matisse as my maestro. Kat Wright, whose journal I received first, chose a living artist who fresh, lively and fun work she felt truly drawn to. Jennifer Judd-McGee is passionate about nature and her patterns.

Now, here is confession time. I looked at her work and thought it would be easy to create something inspired by it. I couldn't have been more wrong! I laboured long and hard to create this first spread. I pulled my hair out as nothing quite sat right next to each other or fit. I pulled off collage and layered more. I swore... I know, naughty me... I got really angry when my base layer of book page came unstuck too!

Things got a bit better on the other side, but I still wasn't entirely happy:

But then finally I felt I got into my stride. I stopped looking too closely at Jennifer's work and let my Muse pull the strings. We'd soaked ourselves in JJM tea and now it was simply time to pour.

It's a fine line to tread between copying the style and being influenced it - "making it your own" as TV talent show judges are so fond of saying! I'm not entirely sure where this work ended up but it was a challenge from which I learnt about the power of the line, the 'doodle', positioning and colour choice.

I loved the organic shapes of her work and the simplicity which hid a carefully planned composition.
Jennifer Judd-McGee - I am your newest fan!
Final part of the project promises to be the most nerve-wracking - we are collaborating on painting the covers of the journal. I guess I was lucky to have a blank canvas so didn't have to put anything over anyone's work. Although, I did cover up Kat's painstaking layers of gesso with a sheet of paper I had created a mono-print on... Sorry Kat!
I wonder what my artist friends will add to this! I felt it was the kind of background Jennifer would approve of!
Before I go, I thought I'd also share these greetings cards made once the inspiration was fully flowing through my veins.



  1. Drinking in your lovely JJM tea. Steeped, stirred, sweet,and savory brew. YUM. I have to say I am so very excited about this project. Everything here is gorgeous!

  2. So wonderful! You and your muse did beautifully with Jennifer's style, have made the most awesome sweet tea party! I love your pages, the cover art, and the cards too. Funny how the cover part is stumping me too...I've got my pages done but keep hesitating with the cover. Hoping this will sort itself out as we go along...

  3. Lisa, I love, love, LOVE your pages- such a gorgeous blend of her style and your own!!! All those delicious colors and doodles blend so beautifully!
    Also, I enjoyed hearing your process- I'm having similar struggles with Anahata Katkin's style- want it to be obviously HER and yet still obviously ME as well- definitely a challenge. I love the way you put- you and your muse being steeped in the style- I can feel this happening to me as well....gorgeous work!!

  4. What a great project, and your pages are beautiful! Also love the cards, such fresh colours, perfect for spring. Being inspired by something, especially someone, and making it into something of your own can be really hard. Sometimes, I feel that too much inspiration can lead to a complete block. It really is a fine line. But it would be very sad without inspiration from others. What's JJM tea?

  5. Hopefully Blogger will not delete my comment like yesterday........Lisa, I love your JJM inspired pages in my journal. You've captured her style brilliantly and made it more magical by mixing it with your own gorgeous style. Interestingly you have taken on different elements of her art than I did in that I seem to have taken on more of her whimsical illustrations and you her nature collage but both of us her doodle collage and cut outs. It will be wonderful to see what elements of JJM's style everyone else mixes in with their own unique styles. I am a lucky girly. Thank you so much for creating me such beauty. I will treasure it. Can't wait to see it for real. But I shall have to wait as my journal has some journeying to do yet :-)

    Oh and echoing everyone else.....I've just about finished my Modigliani pages in Lisa's journal but I'm very nervous to make my mark on the covers. But I've decided that tomorrow I will put the ideas and pictures in my head onto the cover for better or worse :-)
    Kat Xx

  6. Hi Lisa♥ I love the metaphor you used about steeping in the tea...that is a perfect way to look at it and may help me in my struggle...
    This art you have made from this infusion is outstanding! sometimes easy to recognize you in it,{but so much deeper and thoughtful and expressive} and the blue piece...it is something I have never seen before from you, but wouldn't it look amazing as a huge canvas? Hanging in a creative office space or a waiting room at a book editing company? Really Lisa, it's amazing how much your art work is growing...each time I see a new piece, I am awed.
    I am soooo sorry I missed your birthday...
    I cannot say how regretful I am at missing sending you a greeting.
    I will make it up to you somehow. ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Lisa, your JJM pages are just beautiful, you were obviously struck with inspiration and it just flows on all your pages you created. It's strange to see this style of work that we don't normally see from each other, but this totally fits you and you did such an amazing job with it.
    Much love and I am sure I must have missed your birthday as well because I am just running behind myself these days, but I hope it was extra happy!!!!
    I wish you the best year ever!

  8. Confession - I'd never come across Jennifer's work before I read this. But isn't it wonderful?

    I love how you've taken her style as a starting point and then run free with it and blended in some unmistakable 'Lisa' too! You've created beautiful pages with expressive colours and gorgeous organic shapes.


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