Saturday, 7 June 2014

Chaos theory

I'm not entirely sure how I do it, perhaps it's a genetic thing or maybe it just comes down to years of practice; but the truth is that I can can't help but make mess wherever I go.

This time yesterday I had a tidy kitchen table. It was set up perfectly for its intended use - notably: 'eating from'. This morning, as if the fairies had come a-visiting during the hours of darkness, it has turned into this.

Yes, indeed it is the resulting peril that comes from taking an artistic course entitled PaperLove. It means I am allowed to pull out all of my many stashes and scatter them to the wild domestic winds as I breeze through my home on a creative high.

I have been saving many of these scraps of wrapping paper, receipts from foreign retail emporiums, old paper bags and brightly patterned scrapbooking sheets for a 'special occasion' and, dear readers, it appears that very event has arrived. Yet, despite the fact it has sat in a box for years just 'waiting', I am still strangely reluctant to use my precious. I suspect this is why I am sitting here looking at a pile of paper rather than a beautifully hand-crafted book made from the same. I have the rough pressed ragged edge equivalent of stage fright.

Time to take that handmade paper with real flower petals embedded in its glorious texture and make something. Avast me hearties. I'm off!


  1. Would love to be a little bird and follow your pretty paper stash to see what you do... Love creating like
    that. Loving the patterns of Matisse.

  2. Lol :-) I just cleared up my kitchen table cause we have visitors coming tomorrow but so often does it look like yours! I want a studio with a large painting/craft table, a separate jewellery making table/area & another table/desk for writing & computer. That's in addition to a music room & library :-) But until then we will rarely have a clear kitchen table & to have overflowing book shelves.

    Looking forward to seeing your paper creation.
    Kat :-)xx

  3. LOL, my messy sista's! I hate it when I have to clean off my messy tables! I have different messes on different tables! My hubs always says with a raised eyebrow, "don't you have a studio"? I always say with a smile, "yes, I'm experimenting" and then he is quiet because he's afraid to ask. :)


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