Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Forest Fungi Forage (for Fotos not Food!)

Took my camera and my feet to the woods today. Lots of lovely fungi to photograph. Most of these photos involve lying prostate on the forest floor though. Fortunately the weather has been kind and so I got up covered in dust and dried leaves rather than caked in mud. The things we do for our art... I found all sorts of sticks and seeds stuck to my clothing when I got home!

Fortunately for my boy, he was not with me today or there would have been much embarrassed muttering about hippies...

While 'wandering' I came to 'wonder' at the mentality of some of the dog walkers. Why go to all the bother of collecting your four-legged friends poop in a bag only to then sling it in a tree or leave it by the path? It's a forest - just encourage your pooch to do its business in the undergrowth away from the path if you can't be bothered to carry it away.

A short post today about nothing much. Just an excuse to share a few fungi photos and write a few words!

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  1. Truly lovely photos. Some of those are good eating too.


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