Monday, 2 March 2009

A Tuscan Muse

I watched a beautiful film last called called Under the Tuscan Sun, about an American writer who buys a run-down Italian farmhouse on a crazy whim and moves to the land of swaying cypresses, corn fields dotted with ruby poppies and a cast of whimsical and colourful characters. I've always yearned to go to Tuscany - perhaps it was watching Room with a View for the first time and reading the book so often or maybe it's just a natural affinity with the place, I don't know what first started this dream... Anyway, in the spirit of the new Me, who openly states her, ambitions, I am saying it here for all to read. I WILL GO ON HOLIDAY TO TUSCANY. I WILL GAZE IN AWE AT THE MASTERS IN THE UFFIZI IN FLORENCE. I WILL STAY IN A FARMHOUSE OVERLOOKING IL DUOMO. I WILL WANDER OVER THE PONTE VECCHIO. I have to say I was somewhat inspired after watching the film. My muse made a welcome return and started bombarding me with some great story ideas. I also have to confess I did indulge in a little holiday dreaming googling B&Bs with romantic views... well, one has to have a focus for one's ambitions after all!
One of my internet ramblings led me to a page designed by a creative soul with a passion for both reading and Italy and London (not quite the same, but there is no reason why you can't love them both - I do!). This enthusiastic reader had listed books and films set in Florence, Venice and London. He also treated us to some photos of his cats which looked rather cute but not a patch on my two beauties. I just love the internet for sites like this,just being able to share your passions with others who may stumble across it. There was actually something on the page that gave me inspiration for a bit of my own literature but that, as they say, is another story!

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