Monday, 19 April 2010

Doodle doo

I have just watched Heston serve his guests cock's testicles. Not a cock and ball story nor the real reason for the title of this post!
Tonight I am doodling. I am partaking of yet another art course. Can I get enough of them? Clearly not. This is a class in experimentation and we begin our dabbling with a spot of doodling. When I read our first assignment I feared that I might not enjoy it - I'm too inpatient when it comes to classes - I want to produce the masterpiece on day 1!

Of course I was proved wrong. Our lovely teacher Amelia gave us a few prompts and left us to it. I was particularly taken with the idea of dribbling inks and paints and then blowing them into streaks through a straw and seeing what happened and I can't deny that this wasn't rather wonderful fun. In fact, I was thrilled to come across a page in my sketchbook that has been growing rather slowly. It has been moulded with texture, painted and rubbed with crayon but then I just didn't know what to do with it... until now....

Then I found another page where I'd played with my new rubber stamps. That was similarly splatted. Is that blood drying over the words of a tortured lover's billez-doux? It reminds me a bit of Lady Cottingley's pressed fairy book. Tomorrow I think I'll add some pixie fingers - long and spindly.

While I waited for the paint to dry, I browsed some blogs where the Queen of Creativity herself was waiting to pass on further inspiration when i t came to those rubber stamps... In a serendipidous moment indeed she wrote how rubber stamps make a great basis for sketches, and so...

In dull moments, my doodling always was rather swirly so why should tonight be any exception?

A pleasant evening of fairy tales and doodle-dooing. I wonder what will visit me in my dreams tonight?


  1. To sleep, perchance to dream...
    of a cock?
    or a doodle-doo? (whatever that is)

  2. Ha - perhaps another phrase that doesn't quite translate from the Queen's English to the US President's...

  3. I like your doodling. So glad that you included the bit about blow painting--I am teaching an art class for kids and have been indecisive about doing straw painting. Now I realize I can't deprive the kids of this fun.

  4. love your doodles girl! and your wit.
    hugs to you,

  5. Ah, I'm enjoying your doodles and you're quite right about your art courses, I don't think you'll ever have enough. Keep going dear friend! :D

  6. These are such fun doodles. Keep it up...really enjoyed sharing.


  7.'re good at drawing! Thanks for your sweet comment and ,yes, isn't Nice lovely? Have a great day!!

  8. I love these results, Lisa. And what a great idea to start out with a stamp, and then doodle. It gets you started.

  9. I love your doodling page! And the other page is really neat,reminds me of modern art.Very Cool.

  10. Delightful doodles, do doodle some more.

  11. Glad I could help, by the way your doodles are just lovely. I love all those swirls...

  12. I love to doodle! I have to admit that is what I'm doing in my watercolor journal right now. So, good for you taking this class. It's so mindless...heehee I think thats what I like about it.


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