Friday, 30 April 2010

Silly stories

Seeing as I haven't blogged for days and remain stumped for words, I thought I would share my favourite silly news stories of the week for Happy Friday.

Sailing off into the sunset
A Kent man was rescued by the coastguard after his motor cruiser ran out of fuel on his way to Southampton. The foolish sailor, had only just bought the boat and was using a roadmap for navigation. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough, he was also rather bemused to discover that he had only travelled a few miles from his starting location despite travelling for the entire day. His cunning plan of keeping the coast on this right might have worked had he not set his starting point at the tiny Isle of Sheppey. It is not known how many times he circumnavigated the island but Sammy the Seal says he saw him sail past his rock at least 15 times...

I vote for playtime
A six-year-old boy from Devon was mistakenly sent a polling card for next week's election. All the major political parties are keen to win his vote but Ciaran says he wants more tipper trucks on the roads and longer playtimes and I'm not sure that appears in any manifesto.

Is my mic off?
Like something from a sit-com, Gordon Brown showed us this week that he is what we all thought he was anyway - a bit of a misery guts. After doing his smiling rounds of potential voters he climbed into his (getaway) car and, forgetting his microphone was still attached, proceeded to have a good old moan about the woman he had just been forced to have an amiable chat with. Little did she realise that her '15 minutes of fame' would be centred around the Prime Minister calling her a Bigot. Guess she won't be voting labour any time soon then!

I'm disappointed that in this election run up there haven't been more of these gaffes. It's all gone far too smoothly so far. I'm waiting with baited breath for "ugly babies" and "stinking voters" next week. Come on Dave and Nick... don't let us down!
And finally...
Scientists have developed a spray that can make men more affectionate. Just a puff or two of the cuddle chemical will make the most macho of men show their feminine side and express a desire to watch soppy movies.
Have a good weekend and come back tomorrow for the Inspiration Avenue Blog Party!


  1. Thanks for sharing and giving me a grin! Have a happy week:)

  2. I'm laughing too. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Well I just can't believe that story about dear Gordon, but the other three seem perfectly reasonable! (-;

  4. Thanks for sharing! Always good to have a chuckle in the morning.

  5. Hey, I'd vote for more playtime too! Those were great - thanks for the laugh. :)

  6. Reality is always more bizarre than fiction and in these cases, funnier too.

  7. My husband, who used to write, always said that if you tried to write a lot of true storied, no one would believe them - these are great. I love the adding more playtime.

  8. LOL!! thanks for giving me the gigles!

  9. I think I need some of that spray! Some men in my life could need it :) You're going to London already on Wednesday! Lucky you!! I have to wait till July! Wishing you a great trip! Happy Saturday!!

    Kristin XXXX


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