Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I was going to paint tonight but I'm far too tired and consumed a little too much wine.

This morning I had made a mental note to remove the bottle from the fridge so I wouldn't be tempted by its cool, fresh, fruitiness. I forgot.

Then, as I contemplated the heavy grey skies, I figured it wasn't the sort of weather for white anyway... That thought went the same way as the latter.

So here I am singing softly to myself wafting in and out of a dreamlike state and scanning in paintings I made 'earlier'.

I may well treat myself to an early night.



  1. This is so beautiful. love the fab colors. Really fabulous
    lovely greet

  2. lovely painting, love that purple-blue. So, white wine is for sunny skies and chicken? Red is for cloudy skies and beef? ;)

  3. this is lovely... I love this colour palette and the composition is great... glad you are treating yourself to an early night...xx

  4. Well, too much wine or no, this is lovely. At least you could use the scanner. :)

  5. Ha! I had a little too much Prosecco yesterday!!! lol This cracked me up to see it!!!

    I had two of my artist friends over to my studio for our monthly Artist Date. Fun.

  6. A lovely dreamy painting, and the colours make it a little mystical as well.


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