Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A mermaid's tale

Slippery things mermaids, not keen on having their photos taken though they are more than happy to pose to have their portrait painted.

This is Tess. She lives off the coast of Brighton and has been known to sneak into the Zap Club on the seafront for a quick boogie when the lights are low and the crowd too drunk to notice.

I saw her though - tripped over her tail.


  1. Lisa, she's beautiful and stunning. I love the color-mix and the emotion captured on her face. Wonderful piece. xx

  2. Beautiful Lisa. I love her titties! I used to paint all of my woman with tits in the beginning...miss that.
    And you tripped on her tail! She was a young one, LOL

  3. Very pretty. The colors are amazing

  4. She is lovely and full of mermaid grooviness !

  5. Very poised and self-possessed fishy lady - love the flick of her tail.


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