Saturday, 2 November 2013

Swimming with wings

Penguins are such fascinating birds - evolution in action - birds with wings that act as fins so they soar through the ocean's depths rather than float on thermals.

Dressed in their smart black jackets they are born entertainers too. There's something about a bit of cute that brings out the protectionist among us - another quirk of evolution?

I'm painting the subjects of the sea's realm this week for Moyra's journal in another collaborative project. There's something about working with others that brings out the joy in me so, Universe, can I just say... I'm putting it out there that...

If anyone has any creative projects they need some help with - I'm your gal! I'll write myself a creative sales pitch and post it here in the next day or so.

Sharing with Sunday Sketches. I have been away for far too long!


  1. Beautiful pages! I'm loving this project too. Penguins are my sister's favourite animal, she had over 30 cuddly penguins when she was little, and I still have a bit of a soft spot for them :)

  2. Hi Lisa, love your penguins. Oh you are so right, penguins are the funniest of creatures in so many ways. I love them. They always make me smile. Good luck with the sales pitch... I need to do that too. .. :)

  3. Wonderful artwork, and the bubbley effect is perfect.

    that one on the right looks a bit shifty though. Don't trust him ;)

  4. Hi Lisa, Your penguins are adoreable. They definitely made me smile. I love working collaboratively too. I am just curious but what type of collaboration are you looking for?

  5. charming
    and fun to consider penguins.

  6. I adore penguins! They are magical and yes, so very entertaining. Yours are very charming! It definitely is fun to collaborate with others. I bet you'll get lots of offers! Have a great week. xo, janice

  7. I really love this! Love how the words come through the artwork, the movement and the colours.

  8. Gorgeous penguins..they have a dreamy and magical vibe to them..fantastical!

  9. Lisa - WELCOME BACK! It's so wonderful to have you as a contributor again. :) I love your penguins. The tones and textures of this piece is amazing - very moving.

  10. Your penguins are so sweet! Happy SS!

  11. These penguins are wonderful, Lisa!
    Do I see glitter on the dapper duo?
    Gotta love glitter! Gives such an icy wonderland quality to their world. Penguins are my dad's favorite animal because it is the fathers who hatch and care for the chicks :)

    Sending big hugs,

  12. Penguins are so cool. When we go to Sea World we hang out with the penguins. :-) Your art sure captures their cuteness.

  13. Penguins, Mermaids, bubbles, all things Lisa! I love your work, it is so magically YOU!


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