Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Having an error message pop up on screen just as you are about re-start your blogging habit is not terribly auspicious is it? Plus, it appears I left cAPS-lOCK on too (and I've got a sore throat and aching limbs but that's a whole other topic).

Is this a message from the stars or simply just an unfortunate quirk of fate?

I think I'll go with the former as that sounds far more intriguing (and allows for a long and rambling blog post!). It could be the title of my new book. One of the main characters whispered his secrets to me last night as I lay in bed listening to explosions that were seeing in the New Year. I did watch for a little while as the sky above my town lit up in celebration but my bed was just so cosy and tempting... Maybe it's going to be the recurring lyric in a catchy tune set to take the charts by storm...

OR - it's the clanging chimes of doom? I mean have you read what it says? The compile time user-agent  is gonna get me!

I was going to write about my word for 2014 in this post, but got distracted (an all-too-regular failing which I will try to remedy at some point this year too). However, ANTI-PROCRASTINATION is not my word of guidance, much as it runs of the tongue so delightfully. You'll just have to wait until the next post to find out what is!


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  1. I have been getting the same message for several days now. So far ignoring it seems to work, but I think will probably have to update windows explorer one of these days.

    So far so good...


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