Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Creativity, The Muse & Me Part 2

Following on somewhat logically from Part 1 yesterday, I present Part 2 in my Creative Interview (still no call from Graham or Oprah though...)

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I struggled to answer this one. For a start, I am not sure I have one. I do like to try so many different techniques - perhaps that is my differentiator. I am not afraid to try anything new. I freely sample flavours, taking a dip into this, a dab of that and seeing what comes out of the pot when I mix them all together.

I paint when I write too. Words are such beautiful creatures and they love to play together on the page. I just give them free rein.

Why do I create what I do?

I simply have to!

I can't just write for example. It has to be something requiring a thought process, a creative act.

I believe in the power of our Muse. She is a fickle creature though and gets frightfully cross when I don't bring something to life, yet will quite happily disappear off somewhere entirely on her own agenda whenever she feels like it.

She was only a sporadic visitor for a time. I think she got fed up with me pursuing other interests - boys, bars and soap operas mainly...

Then, around five years ago, we were reunited and swore never to desert each other again. It was a special moment!

In my professional life, I mould words into articles, newsletters, scripts, videos. I create for others. I am always firing up my imagination and can't fathom a role where I didn't. In fact, from past experience I know what this does to my soul and it aint pretty!

How does my writing & creating process work?
"It just happens" is perhaps something of a lame answer; and when I pause to think in depth of course, it isn't true.
A useful trick is to just START! Yes, sometimes it is indeed as simple as that! Put you pen to paper and let the words flow, get the colour onto the page.
When I'm painting I'll often start with an abstract background using layers of paint and collage - old book pages being a particular favourite. You can go from blank page to the opening chapters of your 'visual story' very quickly. I find that drawing or painting on this new surface is very forgiving removing a need or desire for perfection. It opens up a gateway to be BOLD. Go on, give it a try!
Writing is a layers game too. Don't feel you have to start at the beginning... cut and paste ... Just show up and let it happen!
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  1. You inspired me from the moment I first read your posts. You are daring, and yes, bold! You are not afraid to put it out there which almost always leads to victory. Love the muted look of your flowers and lovely girl to match your strong, inspiring post.

  2. Lisa, I read both parts of your post. You are a busy woman. The fact that you continually show up, do the work, and let it happen organically, is awesome. YOUR fingers are in a lot of pies....and we love that!!!

  3. That writing-art mix sounds familiar....more and more I find, when we do our art journals especially, a story comes with the art. Quite often it precedes it, maybe because storytelling was my first passion and maybe because both most forms of creativity are essentially storytelling. Don't you think?

    Kat Xx

  4. to just start...yes!
    and love the idea of writing (or any creative work) beginning at places other than the beginning...that's kind of wonderful.


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