Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The end of another Magical Journal Journey


I can't believe that we've reached the end of our third year of journal swapping. Me and my little tribe of artist friends have been creating our books, devising our themes and passing them round the globe.

This year's theme was Inspired by Artists. We chose such a wide selection from old Masters like Matisse (my choice) to modern surrealist artists like Duy Huynh - Tammy's choice, whose journal I have just sent flying back across the ocean.

Huynh paints surreal portraits and landscapes often inspired by stories. So that's exactly where I took my creative thinking. I've been reading a series of books by Laini Taylor - Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy. The main characters are a girl with blue hair and a chimera - half woman, half deer. Sounded pretty perfect to me and the best thing was I got to create them exactly how they appeared in my imagination.

Madrigal came first - in a scene in the book, her lover magically 'weaves' a cloak of hummingbird moths to cover her shoulders when her dress is ripped. Then Karou's streams of blue hair came cascading from my paintbrush!

The second set of pages feature a little paper doll performing acrobatics at the circus - in day and at night. She unclips and moves from scene to scene!

 Finally, we collaborated on the back cover of the journal - I am not sure where the cat and the fiddle came from to be honest. One minute it was a half-finished canvas and then suddenly a moggie was playing a merry jig! I added a few clouds too just for the hell of it (and to distract from the contorted paw holding the neck of the violin... maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that!)


  1. Oh so charming. Love Madrigal and her Hummingbird Moth cloak. All of these paintings are so very enchanting. Great idea for paper doll who can move from day to night. LoVe everything.

  2. Yes, these pages ARE enchanting, just like Duy Huynh's art. I love the paper acrobat, dancing day and night! Her little striped legs must be getting very tired ;-) And, Hey Diddle Diddle, I love the cat and the fiddle! One of my favorite nursery rhymes, or so my mom tells me.

  3. Art journals are such treasures. I am like an expectant grandma waiting for ones I have joined to return lol XXX

  4. It's so wonderful, finding your blog again....seeing what you've been up to. Terribly sorry I dropped off the face of the earth. After my terribly car accident a few months ago, I've been struggling with many things. Life is somewhat, getting back to normal and I sure hope to see more of your art and work. I remember when we first "met" each other and hope to continue to build wonderful, creative memories together.

    Happy New Year!!! :)



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