Saturday, 5 March 2011


Living with the bright lights of a big town, I miss being able to see the stars in all their glory. It's only when you get away that the magic appears - all part of being on holiday! My partner says though that you've never seen stars until you've seen them in the African bush when the entire sky twinkles and illuminates.

I painted this last night in an attempt to feel better. I don't! Although I did have the most amazing dream about three Kingdoms at war, a tangled forest, marbles and this giant inflatable that bounced me around like a rag doll!

Best leave this post there before you all think I've gone nuts...

For Inspiration Avenue - Celestial.


  1. Just got a "server" error on your comment box but I will try again. You may get two of the same.

    Sitting under the stars in the African bush sounds very exciting. I'll bet your partner has many stories to tell.

    I love the way the wording follows your girl's hair. She is lovely. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Awesome! I love your choice of quote, and the gradiated wash in the background is lovely.

  3. Poor girl, I hope you feel better soon. I'm so impressed you managed to have an entry for the challenge in spite of being sick...and quite a beautiful one too! I love the girl with the flowing hair, and the quote also.

  4. Hi Lisa...I love this piece..she is gorgeous..very magical and peaceful! i am sorry you dont feel well..hang in there..keep spirited and shine are a shining star and I wish you many sparkles to uplift your spirit and dazzle you with light!

  5. Lisa.....sorry to hear you are ill!!! get better soon...and this painting is gorgeous!!! wonderful work!!!

  6. such an amazing dream
    and lovely piece
    wishing you stars ~

  7. I love to see words on art and this quote was an inspired choice. The picture is wonderful. She has a befitting serene look on her face and the way her hair flows (with words of wisdom) gives her an otherworldly presence. I really like this.

    The vivid dreams sound wild. I get vivid dreams but this one and a couple of posts a go rival mine.

    Sorry to read you've been poorly and I know you were feeling down before that (probably linked). I hope you start to feel much better very soon. Meanwhile sending you get well hugs. Kat X

  8. Seriously. You have the best dream life!!! I am jealous! Great illustration and hope you make it to see those stars with your sweetie someday! Sounds a heavenly trip.

    Smiles and hugs!

  9. This is a beautiful piece for this week's challenge. I really like the creative way you added the saying. I am always so impressed how you create beautiful art and weave amazing stories so it makes sense to me your dreams would be so vivid and interesting. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Aw Lisa are you still poorly too? :( Feel better soon, love that you painted, she's lovely.

  11. I know what you mean about the view of the stars in a big city - while seeing the stars in the African bush sounds like quite an adventure - I settle for a trip up to my grandfathers old homestead in northern Minnesota - to witness the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) one more time.

    Love your art piece.


  12. this is such a pretty piece, Lisa! love the wording on her hair!

  13. I love the words in her's a great quote.

  14. She is very pretty Lisa.
    We are star dust!

  15. Hope you wake up to a healthy day my friend... and the words in this beauty's hair are lovely and heady!

  16. Don't worry about us thinking you've got nuts - every artist nneds to be nuts to a certain degree:P

  17. Art that flows through vivid imagination and dreams ~ the best kind!
    Always enjoy your submissions!


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