Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fairy enchantment

Do you believe in fairies? I must say if I'm in a patch of ancient woodland wandering along paths beaten over the centuries by paws, hooves and feet and I peer among the moss covered logs and rocks sometimes, just sometimes I wonder if that flicker of light was a gossamer winged creature with pointy ears and a mischievous nature.

This week on Tam's course we are inspired by the work of Brian Froud - the master fairy painter who professes to have met the creatures and, when you stare deep into his paintings, do you see anything familiar? See how his backgrounds come alive with life if you only look closely enough. Is that what we need to do? Just look closely enough to really see what's hiding in there!

There's a large spider hiding in my bathroom, I know that much. I saw him scurry across the tiles and into a crack. I think he wanted to listen to the bedtime story I was reading my son while he was in the bath. Perhaps he has his tiny teddy in his arms and is snuggled down in his bed of dust and web.

Another week is creeping towards its end and I have done little other than work and sleep. I started this post days ago with the intention of illustrating with a piece of my own crafted one evening. Instead, I'll just have to post this one from a collage sheet by piddix on Etsy.

Also, there's a magical giveaway I wanted to share on Faery Realm Creations - a wind chime designed especially to attract fairies to you.Well, who could say no!

Faery Realm Creations


  1. are you feeling any better yet? Love this picture! I always tell my children (and I believe this) that I believe in dragons and unicorns and santa and fairies and magical creatures of all kinds because no one has ever proven to me that they DON'T exist!!! So love your tale here of ramblings and flashes of gossamer wings...
    sigh ~ magic!

    Smiles and hope you are feeling better!!

  2. my dear friend i just read in some of your past posts that you have been sick, i hope you are getting better
    i see the mermaids, adorable!!!!!
    and yes i do i do i do
    i believe in fairies
    and better i believe in you!!!!

  3. So sorry to hear you have been ill hon!! Hope you are on the mend! (((hugs)))

    I do I do...I know my head tells me I am silly..but I really follow my yes..I adore a good fairy! Once when bug hunting with my kids we saw a praying mantis fly across a field in front of us..we all held our breath..because it was so looked like a fairy..who is to say it was not!!??
    Hugs, Sarah

  4. I love the idea of the spider in your bathroom with his teddy in his bed of dust and web. That is magical enough even without fairies! My favourite painting of all time is The Fairy Feller's master Stroke. That woodland scene is alive with amazing beings!

  5. I certainly believe in faeries - and I appreciate your heads up on the give away over at Faery Realm Creations.

  6. Hi
    Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. take it easy.

    you should illustrate the spider with his teddy bear..that's a cute little story you made up right there!

    i totally believe in kids have been making their own fairy world in the mud lately! we have enough mud for a universe of fairies! hee! feel better !

  7. Sorry, I missed some of your posts, but I was 'away with the fairies'.
    Hope you're feeling better.

  8. Beautiful Lisa..fairies are such magical soul..! ..fabulous as always!!

  9. Ah, I love Brian Froud's work, SO enchanting! I'm sorry to hear you've had no time for creative play, I know how much you need it. Here's hoping you find some soon dear friend ~ would love to see your own renditions.

    Hugs to you, you're little bedtime bather, but not to the little teddy hugging spider *insert shivers*

  10. I believe in fairies, I do.
    And I also believe in you x0x0x


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