Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Dressing for dinner... well lunch actually...

Do you always know what you're going to write when you start a post? I don't. Many's the time when I just start typing and hope the Muse turns up.

She's been out dancing. She's taking Flamenco lessons. I worry about all that Latin passion and what she's going to have me do with it. In fact, I've just got my clothes out for work tomorrow and the whole ensemble couldn't look more Spanish if it tried. The neat pile draped over the banister includes a ruby red rose corsage; a black, embroidered full skirt that swirls out when you twirl; and red jewels.

We're having our Christmas lunch out with work tomorrow so I thought I'd make the effort. We're only going to a local pub - rather than enjoying paella and tapas as you might expect with this outfit. I don't doubt I'll be over-dressed, but frankly once a lady reaches a certain age and station in life she likes to have a little fun; and if she wishes to temporarily change her name to Lisabeta, click her heels a great deal and shout "Olé!" at passing waiters then that is her prerogative.


  1. You could imagine that the pub is in Spain trying to attract some English expats and just say ole to everyone.
    At a certain age you can get away with most things...the worst that can happen is they'll whisper ...'she's nuts'..do have fun and report back:)

  2. Hurrah!Good for you and the dancers too!

  3. I loved it when I got to that age where I didn't worry about what people thought and just wore what pleased me - ahh freedom! Have some fun at your lunch

  4. Beautifl art as always Lisa..love the colors......gorgeous vid and beautiful music..enjoy your festive lunch!

  5. Intriguing picture at the top, and the one you've painted with words sounds equally as impressive.

    Enjoy your lunch :)

  6. Maybe a Marguerita at lunch?

    Love your Spanish woman! A very pensive expression, too. xxoo

  7. Brilliant! I love your enthusiasm--fashion is art every day. Play!! :)

  8. You go girl! Overdressed, bah! It's the season and even if it weren't, a little fancy never hurt anyone. Hope you have a great time.

  9. Hey, attracting stares is a good thing....pretend you are the most interesting woman in the world and have a Dos Equis beer...
    Have you heard those commercials?

    Here's one:


    Talk with a spanish accent for the lunch...that'll really throw 'em for a loop...haha!
    No, in all seriousness...I bet you'll look fantastic...and maybe a bit spicy ;)


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