Sunday, 11 December 2011

A fairy tale

Who can't wait for the Snow White films next year? I am champing at the bit of my magic unicorn. It's been a while since I saw the Disney version at the cinema. I think it was the first film my parents took me to see. My Mum, engrossed in the captivating story, did not notice the reaction it was having on her first born until she found me cowering under the seat. You see, I was a sensitive child and did not take kindly to being presented with an over-sized evil Step-Mothers intent on murdering young maidens. I was also struck by mistaken identity. Dwarves and wolves are not entirely dissimilar in pronunciation to a four-year-old... I can still remember the nightmare of a whole pack of the canine variety scampering up ladders to climb in my bedroom window...

However, I am much more mature now and feel able to cope with a darker (eek!) version of the much-loved tale and I only tend to have nightmares after watching films about dinosaurs and zombies. Besides the Julia Roberts version looks pretty safe!

I read a fascinating newspaper article about the origins of fairy tales - Hansel & Gretal was about starvation, Little Red Riding Hood a warning to young girls about predatory men.

I think I prefer the more humourous options though - the ones by Lauren Child - when her hero falls into the story book and gets chased by Cinderella's stepmother because he ripped out the page and put back in upside down. The Queen is also most dis-pleased with the moustache he'd drawn above her pretty lips, the Prince has gone missing (cut out to make a birthday card) and Goldilocks (who really was the most obnoxious child) was put in her place by having her hair coloured in brown.

Writing for Sunday Scribblings - fairy tales, plus a quick sketch of Snow White lost in the woods to illustrate.


  1. This is really fun!!
    I loved Snow White too and I remember being terrified by the witch. I was slightly perturbed by Snow White living with seven men!!!

  2. I am looking forward to that movie too...speaking of looking...that eye down there is amazing and I love the way you added always in the ribbon or halo...and the red-haired girl is glorious!!!
    I swear you just keep getting better and better.

  3. This was a very enjoyable read. I do love it when a fairy tale gets turned upside down!

  4. Yes, this was a great read, funny and insightful. I even got a laugh out of young girls "warming" to predatory men. A Freudian slip no doubt to be amended before others enjoy it.

  5. She is breathtaking Lisa...gorgeous and mystical..what a wonderful piece! Wow..I didnt knwo they were doing movies cool. My nickname from childhood was snowwhite..everyone called that and still do..I was always teased about being so connected and close to birds and nature and animals coming to me.
    beautiful post!

  6. I had no idea they were making the movie....but I am enjoying "Once Upon a Time" the tv series...

    I love the look of this girl....straight out of a Fairy tale she does appear!

  7. She looks really beautiful!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Advent Season!


  8. Wonderful picture, and they eye is fascinating.

    It's fascinating to find out the original dark side of fairy stories, sweetness and light they ain't!

  9. Love her eyes - beautiful! Fascinating origin of fairy tales - I always knew there was some issue/warning about Little Red Riding Hood - never liked that one. xxoo

  10. Hi Lisa!!!!! lovely read and the piece is amazing work!!!! I have been told that I often think I am living in a Fairy tale....but that is just what I want to think!!! life is too short not to enjoy every moment!!!!

  11. Funny what we are afraid of as children, well not at the time :-}
    I used to sit in my local library and read a set of books with fairy tales from around the world. I was upset to find they no longer have them. I think you would enjoy a little book of feminist fairy tales I have in my bookcase :-)Seasons Greetings,Juliet

  12. funny and beautiful

  13. I know! I can't wait for snow white films to get out. :) BOth of them. Love how you drew her. Those red lips are a gem. :)


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