Thursday, 8 December 2011

Feeling a little mauve

Not quite on top form this week. Tired, overwhelmed, sickening for something, muscles aching...

I thought art might help... well it certainly reflects the mood.

Having created so many girls on book pages, I thought it would be a cinch to make another for The Butterfly Effect challenge this week. But as is the way of the Muse, she won't be forced into a set direction, pesky critter!

It took all week for this lady to deign to grace us with her presence and just look at her... she's a bit scary!

I've been listening to this all day... Go figure...


  1. I enjoyed the video. How strange that the voice doesn't fit her sweet looking face. Great video. Great piece too and I'm feeling how you are feeling? Weird. By the way I love the decorations you have added to your blog. Very nice.

  2. i've never heard that song before. i love it.
    yipes! you just totally got me into an artist i didn't know.

    this week has been a bit killer.

    your portraits are So cool. i really Really dig how the colors are not what you'd expect, yet so cool.


  3. I like her! She looks a bit Tim Burton-esque to me - apparently a little scary and kind of tragic, but really very sweet and wonderful when you get to know her.

  4. She reminds me of Helena Bonhom Carter. I find her quite sweet. :)

  5. Yes, I thought the book page theme was going to be a quick and easy link up for me, too.....still haven't made anything...

    Been so hard to get anything done lately...
    Your girl looks a bit frazzled, she needs a break....her big, wide-set eyes are compelling, though....and she does beg to be examined closer :)

    Let's hope next week is more productive....haha!

  6. I really like how she came out. She kind of fits my mood this evening too.

    I enjoyed the video and hearing a new artist also. The music is good...kind of a downer too. What a beautiful woman singing, but she looks depressed like her music.

    Hope you get to feeling better! Keep making your lovely art! It's awesome!

  7. I like her! Hope you soon feel better! Valerie

  8. I think she looks "mauve"lous! Art, sometimes, takes us right along with our moods. I do hope you'll be feeling better soon! Thoughts of you.....Marilyn xxoo

  9. Can't comment on the video - I'm at work :(

    This piece is beautiful, not in the least scary, if anything she looks slightly scared/worried. Change the hair to blonde and she looks like a friend of mine :)

  10. she looked so dreamful, but powerful simultaneous, love her eyes


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