Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A postcard from Tyria

Screenshot of Hipachica standing on a snowy rooftop somewhere in Tyria

Dear Blog

I am so sorry I have been ignoring you of late. You see, I purchased a new game and became a Ranger called Hipachica who has been roaming the wilds and wastes of Tyria fighting the bad guys and helping the good.

I've become truly adept at throwing an axe and charmed an entire menagerie of pets.

Every evening when I think it's time to blog, I decide to just explore around the side of the next mountain and suddenly it's bedtime.

However, having explored most of the map and accrued nearly 30 levels of experience, plus a whole heap of junk to craft into something 'useful', I feel that I may actually allow myself an evening off to write to you.

Missing you. Let's catch up real soon.


PS: Do you like my outfit? Pretty cool eh?


  1. I always love your postcards and the idea of a postcard to your blog is inspired. The painting (collage?) is great, and the colours very expressive, and it makes me imagine the background story. Love it.

    1. It's a screenshot from the game Jez. It's a really pretty game :)

      I updated my post to reflect - I'm afraid my artwork isn't quite that good... yet!

  2. Ok... you've been taken over by a teenage boy right? Please tell me your blog has been hacked and you're actually off creating your next whimsical marvel!

  3. Your alter ego is a sexy bad ass! Love the face tattoo!

  4. Go Hipachica! Kick some bad-ass butt! Nothing wrong with a bit of 'alter-ego' to give you a break from the day job :-)



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