Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A very round robin

I seem to be a little short of words this month and have neglected my poor little blog most terribly. I am sorry.
I have been painting though and would like to give a sneak peek of some artwork I've been creating for a Round Robin Art Journal that has been globe-trotting.
I was inspired by Indian beauties after watching the wedding video of a friend.


  1. Cute, little bird! A lovely quote and journal page too!

  2. Beautiful Bird, I see you have been doing lovely work.

  3. Beautiful pages...and really cute Robin :D XXX

  4. great pages and you have been busy doing all those other good things so we will forgive you for not being the super awesome regular blogger you normally are... just a super awesome blogger instead...xx

  5. So cute and beautiful painted your round Robin. marvelous love it.
    Lovely gret

  6. Lovely pages and I really love your "round" robin :) xxoo

  7. Loving your pretty robin and your fab indian style spread. xx

  8. Ah Lisa, how gorgeous! I absolutely love all of the vibrant color and the words are those certainly to live by. Such wise words. I love that you were inspired by your friends Indian wedding. The fat little cheerful Robin is precious! Birds are such a favorite of mine and I know Kim will love to see your pages in person.
    Hugs sweet lady. When words fail you, thoughts are plentiful and we are usually self editing, at least that's how it works with my silly mind.
    Have a superb rest of the week.

  9. I LOVE these gorgeous ladies, what a wonderful source of inspiration. All that beautiful detail and color and texture- this is incredible!

  10. They are gorgeous Lisa - the rich patterns and colours are wonderful!

  11. I love love LOVE your robin, Lisa. Awww. Precious.

  12. Love those gorgeous ladies, their serene expressions, the colours used, the beautiful patterns and the brilliant quote! And Mr Robin is adorable!!

    Kat Xx


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