Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Guest blog post by Small Boy age 8

This is a new game coming out - hopefully before Christmas. If you are a Mum go and get it for the children, they'll love it. We'll post here when it is out.

It's a Lego game for the WiiU - a new console. Chase McCain is the main character. Oh we forgot to tell you the name of the actual game. It's Lego City Undercover. Chase McCain is a city cop. He is AWESOME!

If you want this picture, I'll give you some information. It is a poster, so feel free to print it. I have a copy on the wall in my bedroom. Chase is my favourite Lego man and he will be forever!

A little word from Chase McCain

"Hello, my name is Chase McCain. I am a cop. I arrest bank robbers doing my martial arts to catch them. I keep the city safe and I do it as my duty with Ellie and Natalie who are other cops.

Remember! Tell your kids about this game. It is AWESOME!

(Small boy begged to be allowed to post on Mummy's blog!)

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  1. Looks like we know what tops the Christmas list...haha! Maggie begs me to let her post on my blog all the time. I'll tell her she needs to be at least 8 ;)


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