Sunday, 21 July 2013

A magical journal journey

Taking Gemma's journal to Glastonbury seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do - for after all, has not this group of artistic ladies named their project 'magical journal journeys'?

And just look at the cover - dragon skin for sure!

So, I carried the book of magic up to the Tor and to the Chalice Well. At the Well it took a light shower in the healing spring water - luckily dragon skin is quite water resistant!

And then, back home and suitably inspired by feminine energy, I created a homage to Mother Earth in these two pages.

I feel a change in me, a shift in the currents. Something long dormant has woken, a spell broken by another... The urge to create is strong in this one...

(I'm also sharing these sketches with the Sunday Sketchers - I have long been absent from my friends there!)


  1. Lisa what a especial task that one of yours!!! You were very very blessed :)
    Thank you so much for sharing those blessings! You are special and magical! Keep inspiring ;)

  2. MAGICAL is definitely the right word to describe your journey! Love the inspired painting of Mother Earth! Beautiful!

  3. Lisa, these pages are simply beautiful.
    I wish you well with any upcoming 'changes'.
    Magick is afoot.
    Have fun :)
    Sue x

  4. Lovely all...but looked for the drawing of that wonderful tower? Did you? Love your Mother Earth pages.

  5. I love the paintings in your art journal, as well as your beautiful lettering. Blessings!

  6. Love your journal, cool colors! The flower is magical!

  7. Lovely journal pages and commentary. It's wonderful that you were so inspired! Visiting from Sunday Sketches -janice

  8. just gorgeous pages... that bloom is stunning

  9. What a beautiful post! I can tell you were very inspired by that trip, and the art journal pages are lovely. Happy SS!

  10. Lovely pages, and another great poppy. The colours and textures and beautiful writing combine to make a perfect picture.
    And how good to see a true woman image, a real Mother Earth icon.
    Looking forward to see the results of the change, they are sure to be magical.

  11. Your journey, the journal and pages are so inspiring and magical. I've been to Glastonbury and loved the ambiance of the entire area. Your painting of the Goddess is perfect.

  12. I absolutely enjoyed your magical journey. Thanks for sharing with us and your lovely artwork. :) xx

  13. Lisa these pages are wonderful. Clearly my journal was at the right place at the right time. Thank you for gracing my pages with your remarkable art. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  14. I love that you took Gemma's journal to Glastonbury & infused it with the magic & spirit that exists there!! And your collage of images, writing and beautiful drawing in her pages are wonderful especially in the way they reflect your creative spirit and the birth of new creative ventures. I'm not surprised that Gemma, in her words above, LOVE LOVE LOVEs!

    I am so rubbish my friend in that I've not yet found you the best inspirational accomodation in Cornwall for the course leaders. I will keep thinking & asking around. I'm just a little hampered by continuous visitors at the minute. But I won't forget or give up.

    Kat Xx

  15. Ok, don't go into shock, it's just me playing catchup! :)

    Love these latest entries. There's something special about art that comes from within us and reflects the real us.

  16. Oh so beautiful- I love the extra journey you took Gemma's journal on, how special! And that goddess you created for her is amazing I LOVE everything about this!

  17. Glastonbury is the perfect place for Gemma's mystical magical journal - I love that you took it on your journey, it looks so very at home there!

    Your pages are so lovely - beautiful layers and translucence. They're gentle and feminine yet full of creativity and strength too x

  18. It seems very spiritual, Lisa. Such a wonderful place to take Gemma's journal. I love the beautiful nude you painted and the flower with the writing is awesome! It's so pretty with the colors, shades and hues of purple. Pretty pretty.


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