Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Goddess of Avalon

Possibly one of the most ridiculous things I said over the weekend was when I announced in a somewhat startled fashion that my self portrait looked like me! She came from Tam's class at the Call of the Wild Soul retreat. It's not really a surprise that there is a resemblance - I did paint over a photograph of my own face after all!

My son, Mum and boyfriend on seeing it though all said that I am much prettier in real life. Bless 'em!

There is definitely essence of me in here though - from the floaty dress to the flowers in my hair. The piece is full of hidden symbolism as I honour my superpowers and accept that actually I have quite a few good qualities - not something we do very often!

And this lady above? Well, she's not me exactly. She is every woman. She is the Big Wild She, our inner Goddess. She is feminine intuition, she is nurture, she is powerful beyond your imagination! Thank you Erin Faith Allen for lighting the touch paper to bring her out of me :)


  1. fantastic!!! - would love to hear more of how it all was. wish I could have come!! ah well, I have paid the deposit for california like a crazy lady. working the rest out as I go. scary but awesome. I LOVE your work!! and yes you are prettier in real life but I love that she looks a bit like you!! she's got your look in her eye!!

  2. They are both brilliant. I love the dreamy qualities and the gorgeous colours.

    The retreat sounds wonderful, I love Glastonbury, one of my favourite places to visit.


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