Sunday, 17 July 2011

In conversation with Picasso

"My mother said to me, 'If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.' Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso."
Pablo Picasso

That Picasso was a wise fellow. Over the last few years, I seem to come across his quotes everywhere I go and they are just so memorable. How can I possibly choose which ones to include here? How could I pick a favourite? Oh just imagine what it would have been like to spend time in his company...What conversation... What inspiration...

Pablo Picasso: Action is the foundational key to all success.

Lisa Wright: And so now I will get started on that painting instead of just keeping on thinking about it.

Pablo Picasso: All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
Lisa Wright: My latest art experiments are reminding me of the value of play and not expecting to create masterpieces with every output.
Pablo Picasso: An idea is a point of departure and no more. As soon as you elaborate it, it becomes transformed by thought.

Lisa Wright: Couldn't agree more. When I both write and paint, sometimes all I need is a gem of an idea, a dash of words on paper or a sprinkling of paint, then the souffle rises! Indeed when I started writing this post, I had absolutely no idea I would be ending it having a chat with the man himself. I don't like to overplan my creativity. I love to see the idea grow its own roots and shoots and then let it take me just where it wants to go. Creativity definitely isn't tame!
Pablo Picasso: Are we to paint what's on the face, what's inside the face, or what's behind it?

Lisa Wright: More often than not, I find that the girls I paint tell me what's on their minds. Their personalities form under the pencil and brush. They are independent from me. I am just the means to bring them to life and allow them to tell their story.
Pablo Picasso: Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.

Lisa Wright:  I never thought about it that way before, but I guess that's very true. We do see our own truth in each creation.

Pablo Picasso: Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Lisa Wright: I wish I'd learnt this lesson earlier in life. Art is the magic lotion that soothes deep, the medicine that 'refreshes the parts' nothing else can reach and the food for the soul. Well said my man.


Pablo Picasso: Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.

Lisa Wright: I wouldn't say bad. I would say training. When I was a girl, I was always copying paintings and greetings cards - anything I could get my hands on. They were my teachers. But yes, as we grow as an artist we certainly shouldn't need to copy anything, just be inspired to take the direction your soul/muse wants you to take.
Pablo Picasso: Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.

 Lisa Wright: But what are we destroying? Something worthless without further creation? Does the blank canvas have any value other than anticipation? When we layer, we have to destroy what is beneath yet we fill with new promise. We are the creators, holding the life of our work in our hands fed by a diet of imagination and determination.

Pablo Picasso: Everything you can imagine is real.

Lisa Wright: Real in what sense? There are frightening things lurking in my imagination sometimes and I'd really rather they stayed there. We can certainly make it real if we want which in itself is a scary thought...
 Pablo Picasso :There are only two types of women - goddesses and doormats.

Lisa Wright: I am no doormat. That must make me a Goddess. Thanks :)

What was that Pablo? My favourite Picasso painting? Guernica. Possibly one of the most powerful paintings I've ever seen*. I am moved, not just by paint on canvas, but the message and story behind it. I recently learnt the story of this terrible crime against humanity in the name of war and weaved in the fictional account I read was also Picasso's involvement.

All this rumination and conversation was inspired by Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge - Picasso - and the desire to have something to present as my Sunday Sketch! See what these prompts lead to - legendary house guests. He's gone now, but it was wonderful having his company for an hour or so.

Tune in again soon for my next conversation with another legend ... Who next? Maybe Winston Churchill?

* Unfortunately I've only ever seen in reproductions and not the original. However, I'm going to Madrid for a short break soon, so fingers crossed I'll have time to see it.

Top sketch is the man himself (he sat very patiently while we chatted). Ink blobs came through from other page and felt appropriate for this portrait. Next is inspired by... and finally I mixed the two together, just to see what happened.


  1. Lisa, you did a wonderful job painting Picasso! It looks so much like him. How accommodating of the great man to sit for you and chat awhile ;) My favorite quote is the first one. Would you say he had quite a large ego? But maybe that's as it should be...

    I especially love the merging of the two paintings. Brilliant!

  2. Picasso's exhibition is at the De Young Museum until OCTOBER 9TH. I plan on getting tickets for September when it starts to cool off a bit.I love Picasso and have "copied" his paintings in the past. This was a great interview that you had with him. I love the quotes these masters left behind. Very nice. Have a great weekend.

  3. Such an inspiring post, Lisa. Not everyday you get to chat with Picasso himself, eh? (^_^)

    I think you did a fine job with the those colors!

  4. oh my, this was so creative and fun to read! and i love his take on women...and i've always called myself a goddess;-) xo

  5. Such a great post, Lisa...I have everyone of these quotes written down in my quote book. I imagine you are in bed, but it is finally cocktail hour here, so Salute! xox

  6. Love what you did!
    Very cool!
    My favorite quote:
    All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

  7. Love the painting it is really awesome the way it turned out. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your conversation. I had read most of those quotes before but they seemed to hold more meaning this time. Thank You.

  8. What a great conversation. I have to admit, this is the funniest and most enlightening post I've seen on Picasso this week. Your art is amazing, too. Love the paintings and the digital art, too. Since I seem to have created something that looked a lot like something you made, I got rather excited when Picasso said "Bad artists copy." Guess I know what I am. Sure enjoyed your conversation, though.

  9. This is such wonderful entry for the theme this week. Love the words and the art you have created with this. My favorite part was that it is not bad but training. You are so creative and that is very inspiring to me just as Picassso was. And love the merging off both pieces. Very nice.

  10. Picasso was sure a great artist! Theres a video that you may find hard to get hold off? I saw it in college. He paints on a transparent plastic screen so you can see how he worked. Its totally magic, all the different patterns he does underneath his work. He believed all these patterns would help protect or bring badness into a home,place etc. The symbols where of this nature. You can see how it developed into his cubist art.
    Loads of love to you!

  11. These are fabulous!!! you were so lucky to have him in the same room....he rubbed off on you:)

  12. very beautiful painting Lisa! I so love your conversation with the master! This is very creative painting indeed!

  13. Wonderfully creative writing and painting ~ you are indeed very talented ~ visiting from Sunday Sketch ~ thanks for coming by and commenting on my Zoe sketch ~ enjoy the day ~ namaste ~ Carol (artmusedog)

  14. You are in my head. Your thoughts seem to echo my own. I love the painting I'm following you from Sunday sketches - can't wait to see what you do next.

  15. Oh this is so wonderful- I LOVED your line/brush stroke painting with the colors bleeding though- SO perfect! And thanks for sharing your interview with the MAN- loved it!

  16. Amazing post Lisa!!! Amazing paintings!
    cheers, dana

  17. Love this post, Lisa. You made me smile here on the sofa, wrapped in a red tartan blanket, as I read your Picasso vs Lisa. Hee hee Great rendition of Picasso as well. Hope you have a wonderful trip in Madrid. Hugs! :)

  18. Love your work WOW
    Brilliant my dear.
    Have a wonderful time on your trip!!

  19. Brilliant are so talented.
    Hope you enjoy Madrid as much as Skiathos!

  20. What a great conversion Lisa. My fav is the top painting. Of Picasso's work I am not sure if I have a favourite but one I remember well is the girl in front the mirror.

  21. Amazing and love seeing the the bright colors in the final version of the two combined! POP ART MINIS

  22. I enjoyed your responses to Picasso's quotes. and your art for me has a depth that I enjoy seeing.

  23. thanks for teaching me a bit about Picasso with your 'conversation', he sounds like a genius.

  24. really like the 2 combined, very cool!

  25. Fabulous post Lisa.... you'll love Madrid. Enjoyed your dialogue with the great man.

  26. great quotes. I always confused Picasso with Van Gogh though never their works. I suppose both men age geniuses in their own way.

    nice work, it does reminds me of picasso's work.

  27. Your eye is genius! Hugs!

  28. I love the painting of your advatar!

  29. This post is absolutely brilliant!!! Seriously... loved your conversation with Picasso! I think your drawing and painting are wonderful on their own, but together they are spectacular!!!

    This is such a great post... wow.


  30. This turned out fabulous, Lisa. Clever to combine the two as well.

  31. WOW Lisa what a fantastic post!I loved those pieces you made but when you put them together wow!!! You are so inspiring, I also love your finger painting too!!! what a wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing!!! Well done!

  32. I love this. You are so clever :o)

  33. What a very clever and interesting post! :) Love your artwork too!!!

  34. Just coming by again ~ to see what else you might be working on this week ~ namaste, Carol

  35. Very fun! Made me think!

    I love that bit about Art washing the dirt of everyday life away...and your likening it to a soothing balm....great stuff!


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