Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sweet treasures

I am slowly getting round to posting about some delightful treasures that came my way via the incredible artists I meet in Bloglandia. Their talents and passion fuel and ignite my own. Their accomplishments help fire me to set and achieve my goals too.

Right now art is my burning passion. It feeds my soul with delicious, energy-giving morsels. I love to look, touch and create. I also know that it doesn't matter what becomes of each painting. It has been the journey through the creative process that has worked its magic deep inside of me.

Sometimes I feel the pain and angst when the paintings don't speak to me. They just lie there on the paper with dull features and won't help weave the magic. But then I live for the others, when I make something that laughs, dances and sings across the page. Which prompts wonderful sharing people to comment that they like it, that it speaks to them too. I think that's why I like to paint my girls. To watch their features slowly form and their eyes gaze out at me trying to reflect their story.

I know with every ounce of certainty that without this online community of artists I stumbled upon two years ago that this would never have happened. The supportive comments and emails, the online courses and creative challenges, the friendship and encouragement were just the spurs I needed. I may not be selling hundreds of paintings, have a licensing agreement or written a book about Mixed Media (YET!); but I think I can finally say that I AM AN ARTIST.

So thank you one and all.

And now, after going off at a tangent, I will finally get back to the point of this post. To thank Natasha May, Sheree Wagner and Heather Stillufsen for the treasures they shared with me - the little goodies that dropped through the letterbox with a Bloglandia postmark.

And the 'Sweet' part of this post header - well it is Sweet Saturday and what a perfect opportunity to share my sweet treasured gifts and friendships.


  1. I have to agree--we all help each other grow and discover things in us that may never have been discovered--no question, every artist that I've met in the last couple of years have spread their wings!

  2. Thanks for sharing your sweet gifts, they are beautiful!

  3. Oh how wonderful to get such amazing art!!!!!! I too have met so many wonderful blog friends.....Happy Sweet Saturday.......I just posted my link.......

  4. Wonderful post and beautiful treasures! It is a most amazing journey! Happy Sweet Saturday!

  5. Oh what a sweet post. And such beautiful things to have received. Have a great weekend!

  6. ♥ I totaly agree with you. I am so happy I found you all to visit and to get inspired by every day. Thanks for the shout out! :) ♥

  7. sweet works of art. have a lovely day.

  8. aw lisa, this post is the sweetest. i can totally relate to everything you have said here!! It's an amazing blog community, and i feel honored to have met such amazing people like encouragement....and YES you are an artist!
    thank you for this! xoxoxo

  9. I agree... Blogland is full of talented, witty, generous hearted people. Your 'treasures' are delightful.

  10. I feel so lucky to have started blogging ,, its people like you that make this so much fun,, the sharing and caring among bloggers is just wonderful.Your gifts are lovely,,

  11. Artistic treasures are the best, arent they.
    I so remember when I first followed you and you were starting to draw faces, the crossing over into artist. It has been so special watching your artistic journey from the start of your obsession. i love your work, your writing, your art and your wit. So glad you are part of my circle here in blogville.

    much love


  12. Lisa I so agree with you.
    Very sweet.
    You are an artist.

  13. so many treasures, friends and their arts. lovely.

  14. Blogland is truly a magical many creative souls and talented hands willing to guide, share and inspire!

    Thanks for being one of them!!

  15. We hear you ... you also made the creative journey possible for me. THANK YOU!

  16. You are perfectly right - it's our friends in blogland and the kindred spirits who gets us growing in what we love to do. I feel just like you do - and full of thankfullness. Isn't this a great place?

  17. Lisa Lisa...yes you are most definately an artist..and always will be! I am thrilled you have claimed that knowing..shine on! What a beautifully written post!

    Yes I agree..I used to visit poeples art blogs and never had the nerve to show my stuff..I never thought of myself as an artist at is almost a year now that i decided to have an art blog after friends and locals kept asking me too. I have always been a lone-creator and have never fit in or belonged anywhere...or have really been accepted anywhere....I didnt even think id be accepted online amongst other artists...and now....meeting all of you creative kindreds opened my heart to a sense of community...i didnt know what i missing out on..and sharing with one another and celebrating eachother is very special...meaningful ad beautiful!

    I treasure meeting you and love all that you share..and appreciate the many times you have shone light generously in my direction! I look forward to more of your creative world and what you share!
    Thankyou for being the amazing and special artist you are!


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