Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Where do you do your best thinking?

Mine is when free from all noise - just me alone with my thoughts. It might be while driving, trying to get to sleep or, like yesterday, running.

Now before you all go getting the wrong impression about this sleek runner pounding the streets, let me allow you into a little secret. I woke up this morning feeling as though while I'd slept some fiend had tied my legs in a knot round the back of my head and then pummeled me in the stomach... It  has been a while since I ran...

It's only since I became self-employed that I really stopped exercising - which was a total surprise because I somewhat naively thought I would have more time on my hands to fling myself about. The trouble is that I don't often take a proper lunch break and my home office is right next to the fridge. Then, at the end of the work day and by the time my son has gone to bed, all I want to do is paint.

The exercise stopped and the pounds began to pile on. Now that waistbands are beginning to dig in, it has become time to stop the rot. But it hurts...

Anyway, I digress. I was supposed to be posing the question about best thinking time. Has anyone else noticed that they always come up with their best ideas when they are least in a position to write them down?

 PS: For the avoidance of doubt - that is not me in the photograph!


  1. Indeed I have.... in the shower. There's something about a nice hot shower that causes my 'creative' brain to begin working. Unfortunately it's usually not for long enough, but it certainly has been the place where I've had my best ideas.

  2. Good question....In terms of creative ideas they usually come when I'm doing something creative. good for you with the running :o)

  3. I am so impressed that you found the motivation to go out and run. I tend to do my best thinking when I walk to work. Sadly being a teacher I often have to use the car as I carry so much marking.

  4. Probably while walking in the garden. I think about my life and the things I've done or want to do. I wish I could run, but the knees won't let me. I stopped exercising about 3 months ago and I'm ready to go back to some form of exercise, even if it's with the treadmill. Good for you and running, keep it up. Move your workplace further from the frig.:))

  5. That is so true!! Always my best ideas when I am nowhere near a pen or paper! Typically on a walk or while I am driving.

    Thats great you are running. I love to walk for exercise but running makes me feel sick! lol


  6. I always do most of my thinking in bed...with my sketch book....and I always leave a pad on my night stand....I always come up with good book ideas in the middle of the night....and I am afraid to forget things so I jot everything down.....

  7. I always think best after meditation. When I can clear my mind,my thoughts come more natural.
    Higher level thinking maybe...maybe not....
    I have to clear my mind before doing art too.

  8. Always, and then once I do get to some paper, I'm certain I'm not getting it down just like I'd planned....

  9. I just recently started yoga again after a long hiatus and you know what I am just not as flexible and to those who think yoga is not that strenuous I challenge them to do some yoga! I am sore all over. I am the one who digresses. My best thinking and ideas always come to me late at night, when the lights are out and I am in bed. Don't know why that is, but it sure makes it hard to use those ideas. Sometimes I just get up and write the down. :-)

  10. Keep on running Forrest! You know I had EXACTLY the same problem as you. Now - why do we put fridges in those places?? Anyway - I too get my best ideas running or meditating. Running often allows me to chase away the demons or stress before I can settle into an easy mind. Great post!!

  11. Best thinking... usually when I have no pencil or paper around to record my ideas or wise thoughts LOL, I sooo identify with the rest of your post, working from a home office & exercise is the last thing I want to do when you could be doing sooo many other things, I better get my running shoes on though, I've avoided it long enough ;)

  12. Yep always when no paper and pen available, in the bath, in bed (I cant do any doodling in bed as hubbie is a very light sleeper so I would wake him), hate to say it on the loo!!!

    Generally when its quiet or I'm on my own!! No kids in the vacinity, always good as they are very distracting! I even dream about ideas sometimes! Totally mad!! No hope for me!!

    So glad I can comment again, great to be back!! Oh and I dont do running just the eating!! Like I said no hope for me, ha ha!!
    E x

  13. There are some good tips here and my last blog post posed a similar question so this is on my mind too at the moment! I tend to get the best ideas when out walking on my own. (If I'm with someone else I tend to get distracted with chat!) I also get ideas when I wake in the middle of the night. I tried the notepad-next-to-the-bed thing but I found that would wake me up so much I couldn't get back to sleep again!xx

  14. So true! The shower, right as I'm drifting to sleep, washing dishes with a pair of those unsightly and cumbersome gloves on....

    Getting back to exercising is so important! So commendable! I will hopefully join you in that goal very soon....but're on your own...haha!

    I'm down to my last pair of decent fat jeans (having worn a hole in the inner thighs of the last pair from friction...yikes!) and I refuse to buy more jeans that fit my current state of body!!! Though perhaps a trip to the thrift store will suffice til I start losing again. Can't say how long the threadbare fabric will hold up ;P


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