Saturday, 5 January 2013

Cold feet

I hate getting cold feet. If my feet take a drop in temperature, they take ages to warm up again, especially in bed. I have to get up, put socks on or heat up a wheat pillow. I've got some lilac baggy bed socks, they're easy to kick off in the night. Usually they curl up like a cat at the bottom of the duvet and sleep peacefully, but one found its way up to my other half's pillow the other day - he wasn't overly impressed. The thing with normal cold feet though is that they aren't really a huge issue - pretty curable. Eventually the blood starts pumping enough to restore feeling and all is well with our appendages.

Metaphorical cold feet on the other hand are an entirely different kettle of fish! I get cold feet about my art too, only these chills are caused by the gremlins whispering their freezing tactics:

"You're not good enough"
"Who do you think you are?"
"People might not like it"

Then there's the most ridiculous fear of all ~

"What happens if I push myself out there and people actually want what I do?"

"Isn't it easier to just sit here and dream and write about it?"

Just imagine ... you might just be successful ... What's so scary about that?

It's leaving behind the cosy safety of the known. It's listening to the instinctual part of your brain that fears change. It's missing the ride on the swanky yacht because you're frightened it will sink even though George Clooney is standing at the bar pouring you a drink and giving you 'that look'.

I've sold some art. I'm taking myself seriously. I've got a marketing plan. It could all happen. It's the cusp of 'dream-come-true land'. How terrifying. How exciting and exhilarating. Cold feet? Yes, but I've got my thermals out...

Are you ready to fly with your dreams?

To illustrate this post, I found one of the few photographs I've taken of my feet (well, foot). It's not a subject matter I often study but it did prove the perfect excuse for playing in PhotoShop... with bizarre results too - below.


  1. i love what you say here. Yes, we all have that monkey mind, don't we? Love your artwork. :-) Happy new year! xox

  2. Wow! That was indeed a great post. You're right - I think we could all do with getting our thermals on. Now I'm going to read Seth Godin's book that you recommended. As soon as I figure our how to put a blogroll up on my new WordPress site I'll put you right up where I can see you best.


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