Thursday, 24 January 2013

Very superstitious...

What is it about our normally sensible brains that allows us to entertain the notion that the number 13 might conceivably be unlucky? No matter from what remnant of history this idea originally formed, it clearly should have no place in modern society - and yet it does.

I once lived in a complex of flats - four blocks of six. Yet mysteriously, they were numbered 1 to 25! My times table memories are still good enough to tell me that something wasn't adding up right. Finally, I figured out the anomaly - there was no Flat 13! There is no number 13 in my road here either and indeed many thousands of other streets across the country are missing these digits. Postmen are feeling deprived...

A bit of research into the subject is enough to give anyone a nervous numerical disposition and it does appear that the entire world believes in the heebie jeebies associated with this number.

I am no exception. You see, I happened to notice that I had written 13 blog posts for both this wintry month and young year and we can't be having that now, can we?

In fact, no sooner had I drafted this 14th post, than some good news came my way... Hmm.... maybe something in it after all!


  1. Lol! that is strange! Let me tell you i grew up in an apartment building on the street number 13 on 13th floor in apartment number 103. how's that for numbers?! :) And I'm still alive.

  2. Yes, just the same in our apartment block. Reality is, no matter how you change the number, it's still the same number in the sequence.
    Glad your 14th post brought you luck, though.

  3. For me 13 has always been very lucky. I love the Friday the 13th. In numerology the 1+3=4 and that is a very good number. I am glad you received some good news on the 14th post.


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