Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I was doodling with a paintbrush last night and created this mixture between a rip cage with backbone and a the spiny scutigera.

Now the scutigera is a formidable creature - of the ilk that you wouldn't wish to meet down a dark alley on a full moon... My son and I love watching Deadly 60 - a kids' nature programme featuring, well... you must have guessed it by now - some pretty mean creatures.

The scutigera isn't some man-eating spider or serial killer snake or big-toothed beast. It is a mere insect of the centipede variety. It does come in a number of different varieties though - and the giant ones that live in caves in Borneo could hospitalise you with a bite. Nice.


  1. I do like this very much. I too watch the "bug" shows.

  2. Oooo, I like the creep factor and wonderfully icky color palette :)

  3. Sends a shiver up my spine - the stuff of nightmares. Great painting though, I like it, in spite of shivers.


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