Monday, 25 March 2013

Teal, Magenta & Silver

What a delightful palette of colours to play with - soothing but with a cheeky dose of passion to give an edge.

Today these pieces are winging their way across the Atlantic to their second stop on the Magical Journal Journey round robin. These have gone in Kat's journal (which is more of a treasure chest really - complete with silver key...).

In a week or so I'll take delivery of Ange's White Journal which no doubt will pose an interesting artistic challenge... 

Kat made us little booklets to fill. I got carried away and added an extra page...

I'm not sharing it all here though - have to save a little surprise for when it arrives in the mail!

Definitely a mixed media mixed bag, but not many words. I seem to be suffering a word drought on this blog. Hoping for inspiration to come along and bash me on the nose!


  1. These pages are beautiful Lisa. Your art and this palette are dreamy together.

  2. Your echinacea flowers are so beautiful, Lisa.
    As are the other works, I love the sprays of color and your faces are always so haunting. Fun how you called Kat's book a treasure sounds massive:D

  3. Beautiful pages, Lisa - I'm sure Kat will love them!


    p.s. I feel the exact same way about selling (a couple posts down).

  4. Very, VERY beautiful! I love the way you used these colors and I love how you've got the wheels turning in my head for what to do when it comes my way!

  5. Wow - I love everything about these gorgeous pages you've created for me - thank you, I'm so happy they are my pages :-) I love the way you've used the colours in a variety of imaginative ways & images. Beautiful flowers, dreamy blends, inspiring layering of images and words that each time I look reveal new depths. And the beautiful lady who seems to be lost in her thoughts & imagination. Oh and more that you've left as a surprise - a huge treat. I love it all - thank you sweetpea!!

    Also I like the idea of my journal being a treasure chest :-) Maybe a keeper of imagination. I'm just sorry that its so big and heavy. I got your facebook message back today & thank you for being so generously kind about that.

    Yes Angie's 'white' is indeed a challenge, especially for me who favours bold, vibrant & busy so often. But its good to be challenged for sure :-)

    Kat XXX

  6. Gorgeous pages...absolutely stunning!!! Very well done... I love them all!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. What a great image -- inspiration bashing us on the nose! It's such a funny contrast to your subtle artwork here -- all very lovely and engaging. They look like inspiration came on a sweet wave of colorful dreams. Keep up the great work.

  8. So beautiful! I'm loving how you interpreted teal and magenta. The softness is magical!

  9. Crazy beautiful! Creative, inspiring, calming colors

  10. These pages are so pretty and ethereal Lisa, I feel that I could gaze at them and daydream all day long! I love the way you've used the colours so softly.
    PS White is a great colour scheme to work with, don't be scared ha ha! x

  11. These are gorgeous! What a lucky girl she is! That face, those delicate :)


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