Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wanna buy a ...?

Selling makes me really uncomfortable, which is stupid really because it turns out we're all in that business. OK, so we might not be trying to convince someone to buy a used car; but we're persuading all day - whether it's convincing our children that they really won't be able to taste that tiny bit of spinach you thought you'd managed to hide in the curry or persauding colleagues to take up a work project. It's all sales.

I'm struggling with the whole sales aspect to my art course. The teaching and preparation are a total delight and come with consumate ease. But stick me in front of Mailchimp and ask me to compose an email to invite folk to sign on the dotted line and I lock up. You see, I don't want to 'annoy' people, which is bonkers really, because if people don't want to read, then they can just hit delete. After all, I do it every day. I get sales emails from some people four or five times a week - they bombard me, but still don't annoy. I read the odd one but most of the time I just hit delete. I figure I might buy something one day... and sometimes I do... it's nice to see what they are up to...

So, here I am on a Sunday morning supposed to be composing another sales email and where do I end up - here in Blogger, basically hiding in a corner and coming up with excuses... I'm even worrying that readers will think this a sneaky attempt to try and sell - which it isn't. I just want to know if I'm the only one that cowers in the corner...

My business advisors would shoot me if I didn't now put a link to my course, so I'm going to slip it in, quietly at the bottom, where it won't disturb...

Here it is...


  1. I worked in sales for many years, before jumping ship to teaching. I remember to pieces of advice that might help.

    Most sales people do the apologetic sale, head half way round the door and apologising for bothering the customer. Remember you are not a bother, if you were you would not have got this far.

    Secondly all sales are made because you have supplied a want or fulfilled a need. Your course fits the bill for both with the creative market. Have confidence and go for it.

  2. Apologies: two, not to. And me a teacher too.

  3. am just reading the new daniel pink book about selling. perhaps we could do a swap for the icarus deception when I am done.
    just made a note. people want a fair deal from people they like. seems like you got that one nailed already.

  4. I'm not good at selling either. I just say here it is go check it out and see if you like. :))) I just shared your e-course on my FB and FB page and twitter in hopes it gets some people looking your way. You never know. :) Good luck!

  5. I am with you on the sales's a hard one. I once sold Mary Kay and hated every minute of it. But if you don't post and tweet and all that, no one will be aware of what you are doing so share and share BIG. :)

    Best of luck on your class Lisa!

  6. The sales thing is such a hard task... the main reason I haven't opened an online store is for all the reasons you list here... crazy isn't it... and you never annoy and are supremely talented so the course will be a wonderful experience for people... xx
    Ps love the little sneaky link... made me laugh

  7. Let me give you a little visualization: Find someone who sells their own art and study what they do -- you can do this on-line. Look at Etsy shops and other blogs and facebook pages. Then, when you're ready to market yourself, pretend you are the person you studied. You can find someone who sells art/gives classes that you think you'd be better than -- or someone you hope to be as good as one day. The other thing is pretend you are your own agent, trying to help out this cool artist you love. I have to say I wouldn't have seen the little link if Tracey hadn't mentioned it. PROMOTE YOURSELF, you're fabulous! We want you!

  8. This is YOUR blog, YOUR passion, YOUR vision....never minimize how excited you are!

    We love what you do, your blog, your talent....and want you to find fulfillment and success. That means there's a chance for the rest of us to achieve it, too!

    So full steam ahead!


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