Saturday, 16 May 2009

Britain's got talent

Oh Kirstie, how I fell under your spell... Yes, I did tune in to your remaining episodes. Yes, I was inspired by the creativity of the artisans whose crafts you helped bring to public attention. And, yes today I did find myself sniffing round a salvage yard/architectural antiques centre. I didn’t buy anything though I was tempted by some intricately curly bits of old iron railing and I felt I couldn’t leave without an old chimney. Regrettably, my purchase was hampered by the lack of anyone to actually serve me and while waiting for the ‘loveable rogue/friend of Kirsty character to finally surface, I talked myself out of it.

Blogging has been a trial this week as technology and fatigue conspired against me, together with a trip away with work. You know you’re getting old when you spend a day team-building with the Belbin model and remember it so well from all the previous sessions you’ve attended over the years that you could practically join the facilitators and present it yourself! I was also really disappointed when I turned up and the room had no trapeze - well we were promised a 'high performing team event'. Instead we got desks and powerpoint! That said, I did enjoy the session and managed to take away a few interesting new points – as well as find an opportunity to sing in front of my new colleagues – that’ll teach those pesky facilitators to encourage us to come up with a ‘creative’ presentation!

I came up with my own internal communications model this week, which I’ll post on WrightStuff website when it’s finished. It involves dictators, firing squads, the United Nations and management consultants. Rather fun!

I can feel frustration setting in again though as another week goes by and I fail to make any creative progress. I have a mind bursting at the seams with ideas but no time or energy to sew them back up into something inspirational. Far too much driving around the country this week – although that did mean I did catch Heston on Chris Evans with his 'sweetshop smell in an atomiser'.

I'm feeling a little better now as I'm back on a computer that actually appears to be working (not mine!) and debating where the most talent can be watched on TV tonight - Britain's got... or Eurovision? I strongly suspect the former!

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  1. We came fifth in Eurovision! When was the last time that happened? The Norwegian song that won was quite catchy!


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