Saturday, 30 May 2009

What makes great telly?

Well, it's been a long time since I sat in front of a show and applauded the television. I am not in any way, shape or form, embarrassed to admit that I loved watching the Britain's Got Talent final tonight. It was truly cracking and I was chuffed that Diversity won. Judging by how long it took me to get through on the phone, I kind of thought they might be in with a good chance. Yes, you know I'm going to spout on about creativity, but hey, don't you think that's what made them win? Yes, they are an incredibly talented dance act, but what a great imagination their choreographer has (as well as a devastating smile!). It's all about thinking outside the box, or maybe in their case, inside!

Imagine the scene as Stavros Flatley & son sat at home one evening and came up with that act. Wouldn't you just love to spend Christmas round their house? My sides hurt, I laughed so much and I think Simon Cowell was rather thrilled to be called part Greek!

I had another special reason for enjoying tonight's show. My son has been away for a week with his Dad and I got him back today. We sat cuddled up on the sofa and enjoyed being reunited. I know it's good for him to spend time with his Dad, but it doesn't stop me missing him. I even turn a deaf ear to his answer to my question - "shall we audition together for next year?"

"No", was the reply. "I'm much better than you Mummy". Ah well... he may have a point. Mind you, I have this strange urge to receive a Simon Cowell put down. I'm almost tempted to rehearse the worst performance ever just to see what he says...

I actually feel full of creativity now. Unfortunately I've also had a glass of wine too many (yeah, that's one glass!) so the chances of me finishing the novel this evening are slim, but at least I'm blogging. I feel like a proper writer - watching TV then dashing to the pc to write up a story about it.

I'm off to dance my way to bed now and practice my singing. I don't care what the critics say, Britain's definitely got talent!

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  1. Claire - Little sis. Aren't you glad I got you into it? Once of the best night's shows in a long time, it could have been the Royal Variety show in itself!


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