Sunday, 17 May 2009


Never mind Swine Flu, I have well and truly caught the Etsy bug. I just can't resist jumping from delightful creation to inspiring artwork and drooling uncontrollably and dreaming of creating my own such gems. Unfortunately, the time I spend surfing causes a little problem with my actual do-ing moments. Similarly, when I can finally tear myself away from handmade notebooks and bright shiny things where do I find myself? Writing about it here! Well, hopefully salvation is on its way in the shape of some actual Etsy purchases of crafty bits and bobs to turn into my very own attempts at mixed media art. At the very least I know I'll enjoy the creative process. Who knows, maybe I'll even stick the finished attempts on Etsy! Watch this space...

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  1. yes internet can be a way to procrastinate but i am cheering you and supporting you to limit your time and use it to create and let your spirit speak more, yes?
    and yes, I am very pleased to meet you! thank YOU for visiting my blog, stay in touch!


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