Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Having fun

I'm really enjoying my new job although to be honest I've not done much other than learn a great deal and talk comms but I guess that's important too! Soon, I will be required to put my money where my mouth is and conjure up all these engaging communications I have been promising. Tomorrow sees the latest digital switchover to complete in the South West and I will be making sure we celebrate this event with all the excitement it merits. Not for me some factual intranet piece - no, I shall be putting my journalistic hat on and looking for the interesting human angles. I did attempt this today by attempting to collar two of the senior team but they obviously had wind I was on the prowl and went to ground. Having got lost twice on the way back from their desks, I was forced to retire storyless for now, but no less determined. Tomorrow as they say, is another day...

Fear not dear readers if you offended by another odd background (yes, the plain old green really was much classier), I am attempting, as I write to create my own design... (if it goes back to green you'll know that this proved disastrous)

The little fella is Digit-Al. Glad to see he is H&S compliant before he climbs that ladder.

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