Monday, 15 February 2010

Angel faces

Well here's a date for everyone's diary - especially for those magpies among you who are attracted by pretty things. The ladies of Inspiration Avenue (and that includes yours truly) are holding a charity auction from March 7th-14th.

Naturally in this day and age no one expects you to travel to a draughty hall and sit on your hands for fear of bidding £100,000 accidentally. No, it's all virtual these days darlings and as long as your zero key on your keyboard doesn't stick you should be OK (not that we'll be turning down bids with lots of zeros naturally!).

All donations from winning bids will go to an incredibly worthwhile charity - Angel Faces that supports burn victims. For more information on how to participate, pop along to the Inspiration Avenue blog, then be sure to pay us a visit on from March 7th-14th to take part.


  1. wonderful shout out my fren... man ... i should do mine already ;p

  2. youououohouououu - I Lurrrrrve Auctions. Hands on the ready - I'll be there (with bells on so you'll hear me coming). See you tomorrow for Wishcasting Wednesday!

  3. Hello, You were the winner in my OWOH giveaway. For some reason I can't locate an email address to let you know. Please email me with specifics so I can mail your gift off.
    Thanks, Diane

  4. oh how wonderful!!! this sounds like it will be wonderful....wish I was closer!!


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