Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Happy Beverly Hills Day

Yup, if you're in the UK and read your dates the right way round (cue protests!), you'll find that today is, in fact.... drumroll....

9 0 2 1 0

Just a little bit of fun for a Tuesday when I don't have time to blog properly!


  1. Ha ha, that so funny, unfortunately here in the states no one will understand that! I love your last post by the way, I'm pretty much the same, my husband says pretty soon he's going to pack my stuff all of it, and send me packing with all my junk! that would be almost all the house!
    thanks for visiting, you're so lucky to work from home, I'm jealous! :D have a great day! Patti

  2. I love nonsense posts! A blast. All the Aussies and Kiwis will like it too ;-) Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hmmmm, having grown up there, I can say I'd rather be in the UK! ;-)


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