Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Happy Birthday Boy!

This time six years ago I was some way into my 'giving birth' story. As all Mum's will agree, being able to share this tale with others and watch their horrified expressions is an unexpected perk of the experience.

Fear not readers, I'm saving it from you today. Let's just say it was long - we're talking days here) and involved virtually every pain relief method - and leave it at that.

No, today I shall be recalling how wonderful it felt to finally hold that little bundle of joy that I'd been growing inside me for the past nine months and to thank him for all the love and pleasure he has given me ever since. I am such a proud Mumma.

He had his party at the weekend which was loud and energetic as all good parties should be. He's still of an age that when Mummy suggests he gets up and dances with her, in front of all his friends, he's only too happy to oblige. He danced in the Italian restaurant we went to for dinner tonight too and showed all the waitresses 'his moves'.

Doesn't seem like 5 minutes since he was a gurgling newborn in my arms and I was suddenly struck with the realisation that I was now responsible for this little chap.

Happy Birthday my sweet little boy!

PS: Can I have a go on your scooter?


  1. I know us mom's do have some birthing stories,I always love to talk about each of mine.Well wish your son a happy birthday and enjoy him, my baby is 12 and she still hugs me and I cherish each and every one(she won't dance with me anymore though)

  2. Happy Birthday to the little man from down under! xxoo ;)

  3. ~a moment that will remain forever...time passes so quickly but the memory of a precious one being brought into the world stops time...nothing quite like...many great birthday wishes for your little one...may he have wonderful days filled with only joy in this coming year and those to follow...brightest blessings~

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday to your son!! I know this is cliche, but it really goes by fast!!

  5. oh what a wonderful read....Wishing your little man a wonderful birthday!!!

    with cake and fun treats!!!


  6. happy birthday to your brave and dashing prince!! he's 6 already ... wow!! :)

  7. Could be worse - imagine giving birth to two! Only seven weeks to go before I have my own birthing tales to tell, although the first time wasn't that bad!

  8. You're so right that the birthing tales are an unexpected perk, but even more right about the bundle of joy at the end of the journey. Here's to hoping you have years of joyful dances with your boy.....my children are of such advanced ages these days, that they won't let me SING, much less dance with them, lol! But I do still get hugs, so guess it balances in the end;)

  9. Happy Birthday sweet boy!
    I don't want to spoil it for you, but sweet boys who love their mama, grow into sweet young men who still will dance with their mama.
    It just keeps getting better :)
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Oh a huge ♫Happy Birthday♫ to your little man! The years go by SO quickly but I know you'll enjoy them each along the way♥

  11. Happy birthday to your sweet boy!! I know you are appreciating all these wonderful years with him. I can tell by your posts. He sounds like a joy!


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