Friday, 12 February 2010

Juicy fruit

I find blog-hopping can be such a rich source of inspiration and general warm snuggly feeling. The last year has seen my artistic endeavours bear some really colourful and juicy fruit and it is thanks in part to the treasure trove of artists, writers and generally lovely people I have found on my travels.

I also love reading the profiles - the words 'self-taught' being particularly reassuring for one dipping a toe into the ocean of creativity. Fortunately for us creatives, our calling is indeed one that can be self-taught and even attributed to other 'beings' - my Muse after all regularly joins me on these pages and few bat an eyelid. A Muse to the artist, is after all the equivalent of the spanner to the mechanic

However, imagine viewing this blog* and seeing such a description alongside this blogger's profession - self taught ER physician who relies on his Muse for inspirational diagnoses. Hmm... I think not. And would you step on on a 747 built by a self-taught aeronautic engineer?

Yes, I think us creatives are rather lucky actually. We can get away with all sorts of eccentricity and, in fact, it rather becomes us. We also can get away with being not terribly good at our art - beauty is after all in the eye of the beholder, and I wouldn't imagine that applying a brushstroke too many is likely to cause much damage to body or mechanical parts.
Of course there's nothing to stop you being a mechanic, physician or engineer and also creative; why, you can even have a Muse - or even two - if you want to. I guess we'd just rather you left them at home during the 'day job'.

Regulars will know I've been toying with the idea of writing a book (for the past 30 years or so...). I even got so far as writing a few chapters of several...mostly involving elves and magical landscapes or modern chicks seeking romance; but... well... you know... I guess that maybe blogging satisfies my need to see my written word out there in the stratosphere. Or maybe, my direction should shift to non-fiction? I've been toying with a few ideas...
Now, I'm a great believer in serendipiddy (I have even invented a new spelling in its honour). So, there I was browsing the inspirational Shona Cole's Artful Life blog and reading about her new book ('The artistic Mother: a practical guide for fitting creativity into your life' and definitely on my Amazon wish list**). She tells how it came about. Hard work. Well, that's fine, I can handle that. Getting known. In Shona's case, her artwork published in Stampington magazines, where an editor 'spotted' her and the rest is history.

A-ha, a eureka moment! If there are any editors out there (fiction or non-fiction, I'm not fussed) who would like to discuss a few book proposals, please note that I am in the market for just such a discussion. Just leave a comment below and I'll be in touch! Many thanks :) I shall also be submitting to Stampington Magazines on a regular basis... cause if you don't try...

And maybe, I could try writing to a few myself... now how's that for a novelty?

* If you're quick, you can vote for the good doctor in the best blogging doctor awards (or something like that!). He's very good, properly qualified (as far as I know!) whilst also being creative, AND, it's OK - you can read his writing... he types it. Closing date for voting this Sunday.

** If you're quick (but you don't need to be as quick as the quick above), you can win a copy of her book by visiting Shona's blog and writing about her book on your own.


  1. Lisa,
    when you talk to that editor send them my email address too! I love that idea about the self taught ER physician, how funny. I just love your posts, you always make me smile. Maybe you could be a mixed media humorist in the same way The Yarn Harlot is for knitting.


  2. i dunno what to make out of this post except the train of thoughts that's going thru your mind :) i love it! it's casual, it's non too serious, it's witty, it's everything that an interesting literature should be :) mayb it's just me ... i'm not a heavy drama girl :) and you know about the publisher spotting you :) ... just believe :) and it'll happen :)

  3. Now that's what I like to hear... submitting to Stampington! Listen... if I can do it... ;-)

  4. lol, self taught ER physician, now that is a thought! Great post, publishers are looking for writers, they need them to write the books they can sell. If you get out there is can happen! Thanks for the shout out on the book, it is much appreciated.

  5. Of course and editor needs you. Get your stuff out there quick!

  6. Well I'm not an editor but I sure would publish you 'quick smart' I love reading your posts they are very witty and always make me laugh, I am sure that editor is out there waiting to find you!!! I'm sure it can and will happen!! Good luck!

  7. i would love to buy a book written by you!!!!

    I loved this post because I write childrens books to take up space on my shelves, amybe this is the year for the writers!



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