Thursday, 11 February 2010

The simple things

I'm sitting in a green haze. Yup, my kitchen has been decorated (by Gary from Nuneaton) and the wintry light filtering in through the windows seems to be giving it a slightly illuminous quality - one which I'm not quite sure I intended.

I would love to sit and blog all day today, but I have work to do so must leave you to find your reading matter elsewhere (but do come back soon!).

My breakfast blog run this morning though did take me to Theme Thursday where they ask for 'flowers'. How we in the Northern hemisphere long for Spring. There's an icing sugar dusting of snow outside which is scaring off all the bulbs - hardly a shoot shows through so far. The birds have stopped singing in disgust, in fact I saw a queue of them outside the travel agent this morning clutching African safari brochures.

As my yearnings turn to spring, I could have posted a picture of a tulip (my favourite flower and easy to spell) but was drawn instead by the rich hues of this chrysanthamum, a digital manipulation of a photograph I took last Autumn.
And while we're on the subject of flowers, it being Valentine's Day and that this weekend... Tulips... my favourite... I'm also quite fond of daffs... (He checks this blog often readers....)


  1. Wow this is very impressive and colorful.

  2. Wonderful work with great colours !
    LG Anke

  3. oh just beautiful !!! the colour ...the!!! stunning flower!!!

    I can't wait for spring and the birds...and the warm air....

    Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

  4. Wonderful photo, and beautifully manipulated! I just have to believe the flowers are waiting for the summer, too, hidden under the snow underground...

  5. Okay, I'm still laughing at your post....the birds who are disgusted and hints to your beloved because he reads your blog! Sure wish mine did so that I could do the same. Hope it works and thanks so much for your lovely comment today.

  6. always good to leave a hint and a gentle nudge...does he read the comments too?

    This is my first stop to your site...followed you from Heather's up above...

    I'll peek around some more, your morning read was great!

  7. i like what you do...i'm your newest follower...your site is lovely! and your background - delicious!

    pop on over's fun meeting new creatives like you!

    ciao again.

  8. Maybe you can digitally manipulate your kitchen too! A zingy 'mum for a chilly morning. Snow here again!

  9. Hah, those little tweeters couldn't afford an African safari!

  10. I love the photo, but your post was even better. Funny and creative as always. Tulips and daffs are two of my faves as well- in fact daff, and I don't "do" pink, but for a daffodil, I will....
    Happy Friday!my new painting is of a lovely pink and white

  11. WoW how did you do that? I hope one day I'll figure out much to learn.
    I'm soooo longing for spring too. We have had such a cold damp winter here. Not normal for Texas. I hate it. AS much as I hate cleaning off the bird poo now I really miss the birds.

  12. Great pic! And I hope you get some tulips! WE are just doing a nice quiet dinner--a reward in and of itself withOUT the three kids! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  13. Just beautiful, and so is your blog!
    I could just picture those brochures tucked under wings, so cute!


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